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Will Pashinyan manage to get concession on Russian gas ?

Will Pashinyan manage to get concession on Russian gas ?
According to political analysts, pressure on Armenia will be carried on untill Russia gets what it want from Armenia

Tensions emerged between Armenia and Russia. At the beginning of this year, Russia has increased the price of gas supplied to Armenia. However, the Armenian authorities continue trying to get concession on gas price  from Gazprom. Discussions carried out for a long time  on this issues have been activated since July 1, following the gas price indexation in Russia.
In early 2019, Pashinyan government said  the price increase was related to Russian "Gazprom-Armenia” dealing with gas supply. Thus, an increase in gas price was averted. In addition, the Pashinyan government began to put pressure on Gazprom-Armenia with various pretexts. Consequently, Russia, through "Gazprom", stated to official Yerevan that any concession on price was out of the question and was interested in the price increase. In fact, by using all the rings, Armenia is trying to put pressure on Russia to avoid a rise in gas prices. Will the Pashinyan government achieve their purpose ?
Speaking about the issue political scientist Fikrat Sadikhov told "Kaspi” newspaper that rise in the gas price is simply a mean of pressure by Russia on Armenia: "This is due to some issues and Pashinyan's endeavor. That is, all these processes are yields of the steps that inclined to  West and various contradictory statements by Pashinyan. On the other hand, Kocharyan’s arrest also plays a role. It should be noted that Putin sent his message to Pashinyan. Thus, while President Kocharyan was in jail, Russian President congratulated him. Then Kocharyan released from the prison.However after a while, he was arrested again and brought before the judge. This irritates the Kremlin and, in my view, the rise in gas price is the first answer," Sadikov said. 
"If Armenia continues to behave in this way, other means will also be applied. The steps can be observed in economy, military-technical cooperation, the Collective Security Treaty Organization and other fields. Therefore, Pashinyan should consider thoroughly and find a solution," he added. 
Political scientist Natig Miri says that Russia may make concession on some issues, only if Armenia sacrifice its  political, geopolitical and military fields: "Armenia has always been as a vassal country governed by Russia. Today, the Kremlin wants Armenia to remain in this position. However, the recent events and steps taken by the Pashinyan government against Russia in framework of both Armenia and international organizations demonstrate that Armenia prefers to  lead independent policy to get out of frame by Moscow. Of course, there will be adequate answers to it. I believe that the pressure will be carried on until Russia gets what it wants from Armenia," he added. 



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