"We will return to our lands"

27 January 2017, 18:10 8508
Preventing yet another provocation from the enemy, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces retaliated and dealt a heavy blow to Armenian army last April. In the clashes that lasted a few days, some strategic heights, some parts of Fizuli, Jabrayil, Agdere provinces were liberated by our Armed Forces. Particularly, the liberation of Lalatepe from the enemy demonstrated our superiority over Armenian Armed Forced. The safety of Jojug Marjanli village of Jabrayil was fully guaranteed after liberation of the said heights. Later, the village was cleaned of mines and other safety precautions were taken. A few days ago, president Ilham Aliyev signed an order entitled about the reconstruction of 50 houses in Jojug Marjanli. Elman Mammadov, MP and member of "The Azerbaijani community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region”, answered the questions of "Kaspi” about the IDPs, the presidential decree and other related matters.  

- Professor. Elman, president signed important documents on IDPs on January 23 and 24. One of the documents was about paying monthly allowance to IDPs and restoration of Jojug Marjanli village. As an MP and someone who was forced to flee his hometown, what do you think about these decrees?  

- Jojug village of the Jabrayil district was returned to us after the April events that took place  10 months ago as a response to Armenian provocation. This residential area was invaded by Armenian Armed units in 1993. He village was liberated in 1994 as a result of Horadiz campaign started by the national leader Heydar Aliyev. The settlement was subjected to desctruction both during the fights, occupation as well as in the process of liberation. After the village was liberated, the enemies stationed at the strategic heights would shoot at the territory. However, last April our Armed Forces regained control of Lalatepe and other strategic heights. Thousands of hectares of lands including this village was turned into safe zones. A day ago, the president signed a decree and ordered the allocation of monthly allowances for the internally displaced people as well as raising their social welfare. All of this was of course well received by the public as well as the IDPs.  

- Can the decree about the restoration of Jojug Merjanli be seen as the first of return to Karabakh?  

- I consider the restoration of 50 houses in Jojug Marjanli in the first stage to be a good start. This order also marks the beginning of the "Great return”. Both these decrees and the April clashes have left no doubt in people that if peace talks fail, Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity through military means. The IDPs are also certain of it.
- Some members of the public claim that the IDPs residing in Baku for over 20 years have already established a life here and won’t want to return. The signing of the decree as well as the residents of the village’s willingness to return to their lands can be accepted as the debunking of these stereotypes, can it?  

- You’re right. Unfortunately, there were a few people in our society who thought like this. And the enemy was also hopeful that a new generation was emerging, one that has never seen the occupied territories and those people would never fight for those lands and accept the fact of occupation. But the April clashes proved them wrong. No injustice, unfairness, hardship  or occupation can make the new generation forget their homeland. Every Azerbaijani, including the IDPs are ready to take up arms on the order of the Commander-in-Chief and fight for our territorial integrity. As I mentioned earlier, the April war is a proof of this. Another example would be the fact that the residents of Jojug Marjanli village expressed desire to return to their lands after the president signed the decree. Ali Hasanov, depute Prime minister and the chairman of State Committee on work with refugees and the IDPs, recently told media that over 190 families out of 400 that livid in Jojug Marjanli have sent a letter to "Committee for refugees” to express their desire to return to their hometowns. In the first stage, 50 of these families will move to newly built houses in Jojug Marjanli after reconstruction. Every conditions will be created in the town. Moreover, it’s not only the residents of Jojug Marjanli but also the IDPs from other territories that have expressed that they want to return to their homelands. This is our people’s patriotism, the trust they show to our president and our army.  
Rufik Ismayilov