US-China relations at the 'technological war' stage

US-China relations at the 'technological war' stage

23 May 2019, 17:44 336
Nowadays, the technology world is witnessing a serious scandal. Thus, the United States accuses Huawei of stealing data  and transmitting it to the Chinese government through special codes placed on the phone software. The report has caused a  great furore.  In mid-May, the U.S. Commerce Department
put Huawei on export blacklist. Furtermore, "Huawei" is added on  the list prohibiting it from running a business in the US without appropriate license. Earlier Alphabet Inc’s Google has suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing.

Are US accusations reasonable at all? We have learned the experts’ views on this issue.

In his statement President of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum, Osman Gunduz said  that the company has reportedly been cooperating with the Chinese government: "Marketing policies worth billions and the sale of cheap products by Huawei were also supported by the government. However the company rejected all these accusations. But apparently, the US government has already proven it. This issue actually came up once 5G realized. In other words, from time to time  data leakage in other global companies (Facebook, Apple, Google, etc.) are also reported. But when 5G came to agenda, it turned out that Huawei is capable of transferring more data through its equipment and applications and to control our second world, in a word. The United States could not afford it in terms of security," Osman Gunduz said. 

According to him, it is supposed that global domination of Huawei will eventually be abolished and it will turn into  a low-level company by  some fines and bans: "In response to the question that whether there is a threat to Azerbaijan, I can say yes it is .  Huawei share in the public sector is sufficient in our country. Because of low cost, some government agencies preferred the Huawei systems. To the best of my knowledge, 80 percent of "BakTelecom”, 70 percent of "Aztelekom" and even whole data centers of some government agencies are set up with Huawei products.  For now sanctions cover only Huawei phones. But if the US sanctions  cover all equipment and programs of the company, it is very difficult to imagine what will happen. If so, Azerbaijan may face very serious threats in the information field.  In my view, after this incident Special State Protection Service of Azerbaijan should carry out monitoring and audit the entire IT sector," he added. 

Economist Vugar Bayramov told "Kaspi” newspaper that all these processes  manifest  that trade war between the US and China has entered into technological stage: "Though, Huawei officials have announced  that the final decision will not affect their activities, but it should be borne in mind that this company is one of the three worldwide  leading mobile companies. As Huawei is a global company, its sale volumes are also quite high. But Google’s decision will,doubtlessly, have a detrimental effect on the company’s sale and customers, despite that the company is quite ambitious. The number of Huawei customers is expected to drop. In fact, relations between China and the United States have entered a technological war stage. While some analysts say that Chinese-US  relations will soon be restored, but there is little likelihood of this assumption. In my view, this issue will further deepen the trade war," Vugar Bayramov told. 
Shabnam Mehdizadeh