Trade missions to stimulate  “Made in Azerbaijan” brand

Trade missions to stimulate “Made in Azerbaijan” brand

04 October 2019, 14:55 230
In 2019, first trade missions to Azerbaijan will be organized. This was announced at a press conference on the activities of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) and work carried out to promote the Made in Azerbaijan brand. Acting head of AZPROMO Yusif Abdullayev spoke on the reforms carried out to expand exports in the non-oil sector, the favorable conditions created for exporters, the promotion of the Made in Azerbaijan brand abroad and stimulating foreign investments.
Since the beginning of 2019, Azerbaijani products have been displayed at 8 international exhibitions abroad. Azerbaijani companies presented their products from a single country stand in international exhibitions, such as "International Green Week”, "Fruit Logistica 2019”, "ProWein 2019” held in Germany, "Prodexpo 2019”, "Mosbuild 2019”, "Worldfood Moscow 2019” in Moscow, "Gulfood 2019” in the United Arab Emirates and "Sial China 2019” in China. It was noted that Azerbaijani products have already been presented at 25 international exhibitions from a single country stand. Azerbaijani products will continue to be displayed at the "Food and Hotel China” and "Anuga 2019” international exhibitions to be held in China and Germany respectively, by the end of 2019.
It was noted that for the first time this year the organization of trade missions to Azerbaijan will start. This mechanism will increase the competitiveness of the products under the Made in Azerbaijan brand and will play an important role in expanding the export of local products as well as stimulating non-oil production. The first trade mission regarding the production of wine and other alcoholic drinks will be organized in October this year. Eight companies from Russia have been selected to participate in the mission. By the end of 2019, trade missions from Georgia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Croatia and other countries are expected to visit Azerbaijan regarding various areas of the non-oil sector. How can these missions contribute to the export of Azerbaijani goods?
According to economist Rashad Hasanov, trade missions are aimed at enhancing opportunities for the direct delivery of non-oil sector products to consumers.  "One of the key factors in organizing trade missions is to bring together manufacturers and consumers who are international market participants. It is, in fact, a platform that promotes and stimulates Azerbaijani products in the world markets under the Made in Azerbaijan brand. The point is that for the last 3-4 years, various mechanisms have been developed to expand the non-oil economy and increase exports. However, the increase is still not satisfactory. The country is heavily dependent on the export of oil products which weakens economic stability. Currently, there is a serious need for the state's support to promote and stimulate Azerbaijani products in the world market using various methods and mechanisms. The vast majority of local entrepreneurs and manufacturers have limited access to promote their products in world markets. Also, they have little experience in this area and have limited opportunities to develop relations with foreign market participants. This is because production is more focused on local demand. Therefore, the state’s support is needed. The main purpose of organizing missions is to eliminate these gaps. At the same time, these events should be complex. The goals are to strengthen production and increase competition. Establishing relations with foreign consumers is very important for us. This step is important for the Azerbaijani economy’s sustainable development in the future. Because oil output has fallen substantially over the past 7-8 years. Therefore, non-oil fields should compensate for these gaps. There is also a need for incentive mechanisms and support in this regard. Organizing trade missions is in fact organizing a platform to bring together consumers and manufacturers of products made in Azerbaijan. This can become a platform for developing relations, promoting products and creating opportunities. Those who work on this mechanism must be aware of their responsibility. At the same time, local producers can also actively participate in this process. Because this is an opportunity created for them. They can use this opportunity to present their products to foreign buyers. Such trade relations can ultimately allow the Azerbaijani brand to become more widespread in the world markets,” the economist noted.
Economist Vugar Bayramov said that trade missions will be realized within exhibitions. "There are countries that are interested in products displayed on these platforms. There are numerous requests regarding this. The main goal of trade missions is to find potential buyers for non-oil products. Also, the main purpose is to bring buyers and sellers together. The non-oil sector has seen an increase in output. Therefore, there is a need to promote these products and attract buyers. Thus, trade missions are important in terms of promoting non-oil products produced in Azerbaijan. There will be an opportunity to expand the export potential of non-oil products. We also have the opportunity to present our products to businessmen from different countries. I believe that when promoting the Made in Azerbaijan brand, trade missions will enable more non-oil products to enter the world markets,” he said.
Shabnam Mehdizade