“To diagnose someone who committed mass murder as ‘mentally ill’ is the easier thing to do’

“To diagnose someone who committed mass murder as ‘mentally ill’ is the easier thing to do’

05 October 2017, 16:25 2051

Another mass shooting which resulted in the death of civilians took place in Las Vegas, USA, a few days ago. 64 year old Stephen Paddock, staying in ‘Mandalay Bay’ hotel, opened fire at the "Route 91 Harvest” country music festival, from his suit in the 32nd floor. Shooter committed suicide after murdering 59 people and injuring 527. ABC news displayed footage from Paddock’s hotel suit and showed rifles and other items belonging to him. During the search, police found 23 guns from his hotel and 19 more from his apartment. Although, no motive for crime has been established yet, some Western media outlets report that multi-millionaire professional gambler Paddock had some mental issues. It was noted that Western media had called murderers who committed similar crimes in the USA as well as Europe ‘mentally ill’. It’s as if media is intentionally trying to derail the public opinion from the main problem. But when a similar crime is committed by a migrant, particularly if they have a Muslim background, those crimes are covered extensively and are associated with terror and Islam and used for political purposes.


Elchin Mirzebeyli, deputy chairman of United Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, told "Kaspi” that it was easy to diagnose the mass shooters as ‘mentally ill’. According to him, the secret services of countries who do this are trying to shrug off the responsibility. Politician stated that there is a completely different reason behind the latest mass shooting in the USA: "MP and chairman of United Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Gudret Hasanguliyev, gave a big statement about the events in Las Vegas. Citing concrete facts, he noted that this tragedy was not carried out by a psychopath. MP claimed that the victims of this massacre was, in reality, the victims of political corruption. The debate about restricting gun sales has been going on for years in America. Ordinary citizens wants the government to regulate the gun sales in the country. Despite this, they have been unable to pass gun control laws. Even Barack Obama couldn’t achieve this during his 8 year of presidency. The main reason behind this chaos is the fact that the leadership of the National Rifle Association – which was established in 1871 and has about 5 million members, is represented by the Republican Party. A great number of members of this Association are Republican Congressmen. This organization funds these politicians. This organization played an exception role in Donald Trump being elected president. Thus, the laws intended to restrict the sale of guns in the country cannot be passed in the country. The congressmen who have been bought by the National Rifle Association do not let that happen. Thus, a country who is intend on lecturing the world about corruption, does not put an end to this process that lead to many mass shootings. And this reveals that democracy, human rights and freedoms are not respected and the representatives of the said countries do not have the moral right to speak on the subject”.



The chairman of the Compatriots Party Mais Safarli said that the processes taking place in the world,the wars in particular, are due to the fact that rules of international law are not observed. He said that, in most cases, double standard approach to a particular event could have negative outcomes: "The acts committed against people in both Las Vegas and Catalonia are a gross violation of human rights and freedoms. In the first case, the prohibition of arms sales is not implemented and the state does not control the sale of guns which ultimately leads to these weapons being turned against civilians, and their most fundamental right- the right to live- is being violated. When a pro-opposition invididual commits a crime and consequently is arrested in accordance with the law, some western states and international organizations call them a political prisoner and characterize the sentence a violation of human rights and freedoms. However, when a similar thing happens in their own countries, they are treated differently, which proves once more that the leading states, the great powers, serve only their own interests. Big powers make international law an instrument to serve their own interests. Today there are many things that happening around the world, especially conflicts, wars, separatism and terrorism all stem from this ".


Political scientist Mubariz Ahmedoglu thinks that many problems in the world are not caused by Azerbaijan or any other small states. According to him, the reasons behind problems facing the world should be sought in the countries leading the world: "The Western countries' double-standards to events have led to this situation. Separatism, terrorism, hunger have increased, economic growth has diminished and the smallest event has become a geopolitical problem. This is because today those who rule the world are inexperienced and incompetent people. In the last 10-15 years, with the expection of some European countries, no normal person have gained power. Those who come to power either had personal problems or those who fell from power were been linked to bribery and corruption allegations. Dual standards, non-ordinary approach to Islam and other unpleasant incidents are associated with the mismanagement of leading states”.


Political scientist Ahmedoglu said that Azerbaijan is one of the countries that pursues the best and most powerful global policy, finds happy medium between stability and security, is compromising, and protects national-state interests. In his opinion, in this sense, there are many things that Westerners can learn from Azerbaijan: "For example, in Catalonia the police resorted to the most harsh measures against demonstrators. However, such values ​​as democracy, human rights, and freedoms promote the prevention of lawlessness only through legal means. If the issue is to justify even the harshest measuers to maintain the territorial integrity and even take the most harsh measures, why does not Western countries show the same attitude to the territorial integrity then why don't the Western states employ the same approach on the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and does not put pressure on Armenia? Why does Western states that apply strict bans and sanctions to separatists, especially with regards to the territorial integrity of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, but does not display the same attitude towards separatists, terrorists and so-called regime in Nagorno-Karabakh?"


Rufik Ismayilov