This is an attack against Turkey's rising influence

This is an attack against Turkey's rising influence

22 February 2016, 16:55 708
Another horrific terrorist act was committed in Turkey on February 17. A bomb attached to a bus carrying soldiers in Ankara exploded, killing 28 and injuring 61. It’s believed that this terrorist act was carried out by PKK and its Syrian wing PYD. 

Most politicians who opined on the incident said the terrorist attack was related to Turkey’s Syria policy. According to Elkhan Shahinoglu, who shared his opinions with “Kaspi”, after the revelation that PKK was responsible for the attack, Turkey’s fight against this organization will intensify: “Turkey has always fought against them. But now new groups are emerging. They mainly threaten Turkey from Syrian territories. It is obvious that those terrorists are wings of PKK. They are armed Kurds and they are engaging in terrorist activities”. 

Expert said the revelation that the explosion was carried out by PKK and its Syrian wing shows that terrorist acts in Turkey are realized with the help of external forces:" “External forces are behind the terrorists who commit these acts. They get their bullets, shells and support from foreign countries. Unfortunately, Russia and the USA support radical forces in Syria. Therefore, I think the issue of Turkish intervention in Syria will become more relevant after this incident. I think America should make a choice – it should either stand by its ally Turkey or continue to support radical Kurds.  Plus, Russia has already entered a dangerous game and is clearly supporting terrorists. We can say that the latest events accelerated the Russia-Turkey conflict”". 

MP Musa Gasimli also supported the view that the terror attack was carried out by foreign forces with a defined purpose: "“I condemn the successive terrorist attacks carried out in Turkey. These events prove once again that, criminal terrorist cells are ready to resort to any means to get what they want. The perpetrators of the attack wants to drag Turkey into whirlwind of bloody international events that are taking place in the region. In my opinion, Turkey should be ruthless against terrorists, they should protect all citizens and ensure stability in the country. People should stand up and condemn terrorism. We can clearly see the secret plans of certain external forces behind these events. They are trying to cause a Turkey-Russian war and want to push Turkey into hopeless quagmire in Syria. Everything is so complicated its as if the third world war is going on”". 

MP Aydin Mirzazadeh thinks this terrorist act was not only an attack on people but also on the independence of Turkey and its rising influence in the region and the world: "“The enemy is afraid to come face to face with Turkey so it’s carrying out cowardly attacks against innocent people. The goal is to deviate Turkey from its independent policy and cause it to disintegrate and diminish this great country to the status of a small actor of the policies of some groups. But Turkey has a long history and it won’t be easy to break it and the enemy is not very familiar with this state and its people. In this dark days, we all are standing by Turkey and share its pain and believe that its fight to preserve its sovereignty and identity is unshakeable”". 

Political analyst Arzu Naghiyev, in his statement to, have stated the terrorist attack was a deliberate attack against military personnel:"“The goal may be to ruin the plans of the leadership of Turkey and to deter it from joining the war in Syria. Turkish Intelligence Agency had announced that 14 terrorists had entered the country’s territories and they might carry out terror acts around big airports and other transport areas and that they had warned the leadership about it. But the fact that the terrorist attack was carried out in the current station reveal certain suspicious points. One of the most interesting and suspicious issue is the fact that it happened at a time when prime minister Ahmed Davudogly was expected to visit Brussels to attend the summit of EU. The issue of migrants was supposed to be discussed there. On the other hand, president Recep Tayyip Erdogan was expected to visit Azerbaijan. And during the visit, it was expected that certain measures would be taken to de-escalate the tension between Russia and Turkey. That’s why this terror act might be carried out by some countries”."

Expert also added that it was interesting that the terror act was committed next to parliament, at a 200 meters distance from the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of Internal Affairs and most importantly the Headquarters of Navy, Air and Land Forces and that this gave us a reason to think it was an attack against military servicemen:" “The main target were military officers and people who plan the operations.  If the plan was to cause confusion or to reveal themselves, they would have targeted areas with high civilian concentration. But this was a targeted terrorist attack. What distinguishes it from other attack is that the death count is higher. Now the direction of terror has changed. It is a special message that the terror act was carried out near several strategically important state buildings. Special Services should be wary of the fact that terrorists attacks may be carried out against military personnel. I want to remind once again that the most of the killed were high ranked military officers"”. 

Shefa Tapdig