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“They did not care about Mehman’s fate at all”

“They did not care about Mehman’s fate at all”
Sahib Aliyev: I wish those who supported Mehman's hunger strike were at least a little bit humanist as Ilham Aliyev is

The electorate of the Azerbaijani opposition, mainly, the radical wing has been exhausted and its social base has destroyed. The rally organized by the National Council and the Popular Front Party on January19 once again proved this fact. Some 2800 people took part in the rally held by all opposition parties and various organizations close to them.

As was expected, the rally was badly organized and chaotic. Repeated slogans, populist and trivial challenges, unfounded accusations, false vows restated for more than 25 years have been reiterated once again. Although 10 people made speech but no real proposals were declared, no constructive idea was put forward. No intelligent, well-known person attended the rally. However, through the social networks and media outlets sponsored by foreign circles Jamil Hasanli and Ali Karimli, proclaimed that thousands of supporters were going to attend the rally. As always, soon it was revealed that they were lying. Thus, nearly 2,800 people joined the rally at the Mehsul Stadium. However the "leaders” claimed that the stadium was full and tens of thousands of people were in the rally. Videos and photos taken from the rally revealed the naked truth.
In addition, despite the calls by E.Kerimli, J. Hasanli and others the rally was not maintained by the opposition itself. This is another manifestation of disagreement within the radical opposition, confrontation, and the fact that "leaders" do not get along with each other. So the leaders of other parties did not joined the protest, Kerimli tried to portray himself as the leader of the opposition, claiming that the rally was organized by his own and gave unbelievable promises. Thus, attempts by Kerimli and his supporters to build a game through Mehman Huseynov has failed. This fact has once again demonstrated that citizens are indifferent to the challenges of radical groups and do not care about them and there is no social support for radical groups in Azerbaijan.
It should be noted that as President Ilham Aliyev boosts fight against bribery and corruption, increases the systemic nature of reforms, those who consider themselves in the opposition get more aggressive and try to resist in a organized manner. The rally can also be considered as the first manifestation of resistance formed against the recent reforms in the country.
Azerbaijani MP  Sahib Aliyev answered  the questions of "Kaspi” newspaper  on the games built on  Mehman Huseynov.
- On January 19,  the National Council held a rally at the Mehsul Stadium. One more rally is scheduled to be held on January 26.  Are these rallies kind of social orders or generally speaking, is there a need for public protests?
-  This rally, certainly, is ordered but definitely  not by society. Like the establishment of the National Council, the protests stem from geopolitical order. It is the order by those forces that do not want Azerbaijan to be powerful and independent not only in words, but also in action.
-Although  the opposition leaders stated that a crowd of people will take part in the rally, but according to official data, a total of 2800 members and supporters of political parties, movements, non-governmental and youth organizations joined the rally . Why citizens are not interested in the rallies? What is the reason for that ?
  -Azerbaijani people are well-aware of those who get order from foreign circles to conduct campaigns in the country. In the eyes of society, they are similar with those who are engaged in bribery. Like corruptionists they also do not care about the nation. They organize rallies not to protest against corruption, but because they take bribe from abroad for oragnization this protest. These persons clearly comprehend they hardly possess intellect, skills or experience to reach the position in society  they target.  However, the worst point is that  none of them has a sense of patriotism. This feature makes them attractive for the foreign forces. That's why they are being leaders, journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders. None of them have the leadership quality.
- How do you assess the  leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli and his supporters’ attempts to create a confrontation at the Alley of Martyrs the day after the rally? Is the mentioned approach towards  the Alley of Martyrs acceptable  in line with political ethics ?
-There is nothing sacred for Ali Karimli. Everyone knows it and his behavior is beyond moral. In all probability, you saw the police who were carrying a disabled person on their arms at the Alleys of Martyrs on January 20.  Since his love to his nation and land brought him to visit the graves of our martyrs, despite that  he was not able to walk.

-Last week, the European Parliament held discussions about our  country and blogger Mehman Huseynov and adopted a biased resolution on Azerbaijan without waiting for the end of legal procedures and getting position of  Azerbaijani side over this issue. What stands behind the preconceived position against Azerbaijan ?
-In my view, Mehman was just angry but not on a hunger strike. The forces that could not keep Azerbaijan under control and  dependent on other countries in the region, get angry with  it. So they tried to exploit Mehman. They do not care that whether Mehman is hungry or not. If so, over 40,000 people die from hunger each year. They can protest against it too. But they do not need even to mention this. 
-A group of human rights defenders, as well as Mehman Huseynov had appealed to the head of state to ensure an objective investigation conducted against Huseynov. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev took the appeals into account and gave recommendations to the General Prosecutor’s Office to conduct an objective investigation of the criminal case, to take all necessary measures provided by law to make a fair and humane decision As a result,  a criminal case against Mehman Huseynov has been terminated. How do you assess this ?
-As I emphasized earlier, Mehman was angry but not  hungry. He understood that through this kind of meaningless actions  he would not accomplish anything and even  his brother Emin Huseynov was trying to take advantage of him. Eventually he turned to President Ilham Aliyev. Mr. President also showed humanity  towards his citizen.  Hopefully, Mehman once again comprehended  realities through the latest events. They did not care about Mehman’s fate at all. On the contrary, they wanted  Mehman’s condition  to  be more dramatic.  But they could not have achieved it.  President Ilham Aliyev showed great humanism. I wish those who supported Mehman’s hunger strike were at least a little bit humanist as Ilham Aliyev is. 
  Rufik Ismayilov 




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