The attention paid to Azerbaijani youth

The attention paid to Azerbaijani youth

03 February 2016, 15:58 1397
Attention and care given to youth is one of the priorities of state policy in Azerbaijan. In order to ensure the participation of youth in socio-economic, socio-political and cultural life of the society, to solve their problems and help them integrate to international community and receive top education, the government is taking important steps. 

Establishment of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to implement state's youth policy, adopting the law entitled "On youth policy", approving "Azerbaijani youth state program", declaration of 2007 as "the year of Youth", "the state program for development of creative potential of talented children and youth", development of technical-vocational education centers, program for education of Azerbaijan youth abroad in the years 2007/2015, president's meetings with youth, and holding various forums for young people are clear examples of it. As a continuation of these traditions, president Ilham Aliyev met with a group of young people on the 20th anniversary of 1st Youth Forum and 2 February- Youth Day. In an honest environment based on mutual exchange of ideas, the young people put forwards their proposals and shared their opinions on many subjects. 

Chairman of the Youth Wing of New Azerbaijan Party Seymur Orujov, who was also present at the meeting, said he was very happy and proud to be part of the event. He stated that the youth have always been paid attention by the national leader Heydar Aliyev and his successor president Ilham Aliyev. S.Orujov informed that 5 people were awarded with honorary certificate of the president of Azerbaijan and talked about how happy and proud he was to be among those 5 people: "The honorary certificate presented to me was in reality a token of appreciation by the president of the activities of the youth. At the meeting, president stated that we have entered a new phase in youth policy. Some of the issues he addressed and analysis he made revealed the beginning of a completely new era in state's youth policy. In this new era, young people and youth organizations should strive to show creativity, have a penchant for innovation and science. Young people should be well represented at international internships programs and conferences and this issue should always be at the center of their attention. Bringing Nagorno-Karabagh to the attention of the international community, promoting the peaceful resolution of the conflict which would respect Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and encouraging young people to put forward their own ideas in this regard were seen as priorities. The head of the state encouraged the youth to take an active part in the future development of the country, and he particularly urged them to be closely involved in volunteering. In addition, the young people were advised to not forget our values and not turn their back on our history, traditions and values while they pursue modernity". 

Chairman of "IRELI" Public Union Mirhesen Seyidov views the president's meeting with young people as an indicator of attention paid to Azerbaijani youth. He also said that he had taken notes of instances the president highlighted and will arrabge their activities accordingly: "President met with young people in about 10 different events. This allows us to say that they care about us. This meeting was also interesting and sincere. The main focus of the meeting was on Azerbaijan's steps towards independence, stages of development, transition to post-oil era, preservation of national-spiritual values, bringing Azerbaijani realities to the attention of the international community. President once again displayed his strong position with regards to youth. He stated that the importance of young people should be acknowledged, no social projects related to youth should be canceled, the Youth Fund should be expanded and projects by young people that intends to further develop the country should be encouraged. The highlight of the meeting was to hear the president repeat his strong stance on Nagorno-Karabagh conflict once again. Azerbaijani youth should always try to restore the rights of our 1 million IDPs and refugees and expand its activities in international platforms and each young person should focus on this issue. It is a fact that young people are indispensable to resolution of Nagorno-Karabagh conflict. That's why we should be closely involved in the task of strengthening our country and help the campaign that advocates for the resolution of Nagorno-Karabagh conflict"