Supporters in tough times

Supporters in tough times

28 January 2016, 18:29 1650


By purchasing local products expences are reduced and it become stimilus for strenghtening of local production.
Sharp drop in oil price has made actual the significance of local producing. Various fields must be maintained for growth of non-oil sector. Some steps have been taking on this issue. However, it must be demand for local products for expansion of local production. Although, imported goods gets more interest than local products.
Moreover, imported goods are more expensive than local products. Existence of imported goods in the market gives an opportunity for purchasers to choose. Prefering imported goods impacts local produced products negatively. With purchasing local products we give benefit to our country.
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has made remarks on this issue at a meeting dedicated to the second year of the State program on socio-economic development of Azerbaijan’s regions in 2014-2018: " We will not let wastefulness, expences to be reduces, currency will not flow abroad and local production will be strenghtened.”
Actually, there are several companies got success at local production. We will give information about some of them:

The head of state noted that local produced cars must be prefered during buying official cars. According to,Nakhchivan Automobile Plant assembles 8 model cars. They are: NAZ-Lifan 720, NAZ-Lifan820 (premium), NAZ-Lifan 620, NAZ-Lifan 630 (Sedan), NAZ-Lifan X50 və X60 (SUV), NAZ-Lifan 320 və 330 (mini). Prices of NAZ-Lifan 720 model start from 14.000 AZN, model of 820 22.000 AZN, X60- 14.000 AZNş  With modern standarts Naz-Lifan cars are very comfortable.

There are a lot of companies in field of construction materials. "Matanat A”, the first manufacturer of cement- and gypsum-based products in Azerbaijan, was established in 2000 and within a short course of time became one of the leading companies among national companies, reaching high level of progress through application of innovative technologiesş
Currently, operating in 3 systems and 22 product groups, the company has a portfolio of more than 200 brands and about 1000 product types. Implementation of new ideas for provision of customers with wide-range of products, convenience and high-level of quality is one of the main principles of the company. In proof of the above mentioned, "Matanat A” establishing "AĞDAĞ” plant - the first modern-type gypsum plan in the Caucasus – started the production of "AĞDAĞ” product, which is manufactured through an automated digital manufacturing process based on German technology.
The Concrete Admixtures Plant, launched in 2008, is another result of the vigorous activity of the company. The plant, manufacturing a new product group with operational excellence, can be considered as one of the production facilities contributing to the growth of our national economy.
Currently the company, globalizing its activity, exports its products to foreign countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Ukraine, etc. under "Matanat A” trademark, which proves that today our national company, with its modern business experience, is highly competitive with the world’s leading corporations.
"Gusar Logistic center and Gardening"

Gusar Logistic center and Gardening has started for business stock and sale of agricultural products in Russia. Initially, at first investment more than 50 hectares of different sorts of apple gardens have been founded in Gusar. At the beginning of 2014 construction and installation work kicked off. At the present, there are more than 300 hectares ofgardens. The number of permanent employees is 200. During harvest season number of employees is increased to 500. Products of gardens are exported to Russia and CIS countries with "Gusar” label.
"Cahan Holding"

"Cahan Holding" was founded in 1995. Through the years, the company has managed to become a great holding covering trade, services, construction sectors. "Cahan Holding" has achieved more success in a number of spheres of business during its activity. "Cahan Holding" which consists of 22 main and some branch companies is the official representative of some outstanding brands and has made noticable progress in the spheres of automobile business, technical maintenance, production of tobacco and tea products, construction materials and heating systems, trade, tourism, construction. Products of the company are exported abroad. There are 1455 employees of the holding. In 2014, Cahan Holding has started "Youth City" project. The project maintains providing young people with houses. Cahan Holding exports its goods CIS countries too.
"Azersun Holding"

Azersun Holding LLC was founded in 1991. The holding is one of leading companies of Azerbaijan in fields of food production, agriculture and retail. Factories of the holding have strong production petential and large export network. Nowadays, most of food products in domestic markets are produced by "Azersun”.
"Zira Greenhouse complex" 

An opening ceremony of Zira Greenhouse complex held in March, 2012. The application of modern plant science and the latest technologies are implemented in modern greenhouse complex located in Zira settlement of Khazar district
Management of the modern agrarian sector, technological processes, sales and marketing have been set up in accordance with international standards and the latest methods were applied . 65 employees work at the complex. Moreover, various agricultural crops are planted with intensive methods in Aghdash, Oghuz,, Shaki and further expansion of these areas is planned . Produced foods are exported to Russian Federation.
"Yalama Aqropark” LLC

In basis of state agricultural enterprise for production of the milk-cattle breeding in area of 523 hectares "Yalama Agropark” was founded. In accordance with first phase of the project, infrastructure has been established with government support.
In second phase, A milk processing plant producing 50 tons milk daily, establishment of modern greenhouse complex in 10 hectares and gardening farms in 60 hectares are planned.
"NEON” company

The company founded in 2000, is well known enough in Azerbaijani food sector. Neon is one of the big companies producing flour and flour products. Currently, the company includes plants producing 15 tons of bread and 15 tons of macaronis and mill complexes and packaging area. These products meet local market’s demand as well as, are exported abroad. The main export countries are Georgia and Iran. Also export of products is planning to Turkmenistan and other CIS countries. In future, foundation of modern rice processing factory is expected. 
"Qarabag agro-industry complex"

After join of five enterpreneurship Qarabag agro-industry complex has been established in Mehdili village of Barda region. 5.000 tons logistics center in basis of modern technologies of Turkish, German, English companies, livestock for meat and milk complex and the annual production capacity of 5.4 million tons of meat slaughter and processing factory, the annual production capacity of 46 thousand tons of fodder factory were built. At present, a thousand tons meat and 17 thousands of milk are producing.
"Norm” LLC

Norm Limited Liability Company was established on 4 May, 2006. The company is a leader with 30 percent share in cement market of Azerbaijan. At present 5 sort of cement are producing. The modern cement and concrete laboratories have been operating at the plant. Moreover, the company closely operates with VDZ Scientific Research InstituteofGermany and all products get certificate by this institute. At the same time, Norm is a member of European Cement Research Academy and Concrete Research Associates.
As it can be seen, while oil boom experiencing several new companies in non-oil sector have started the operation and significantly grown. The main target is to support these companies on expansion and stimulate for establishment of new companies.      
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