Radical opposition’s boycott tactic is nothing more but attempt to cover up foreseen defeat

Radical opposition’s boycott tactic is nothing more but attempt to cover up foreseen defeat

10 December 2019, 15:19 259

Political organizations are always looking forward to the upcoming elections in the country, trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Thus, the radical opposition camp in Azerbaijan has boycotted the February 9 parliamentary elections. Note that the radical opposition has not succeeded in any election so far? So, what logic is a political organization based on to make such a decision?

According to political commentator Aydin Guliyev, most of the radical opposition's actions are based on illogicality, not certain principles, arguments or realities. "The proof of this is the fact that the radical opposition’s attitude towards a number of recent events in Azerbaijan's history was completely illogical. This is happening this time as well, in relation to the election. First of all, the split in the composition of the radical opposition camp already indicates the inside processes going on. In other words, some members of the radical opposition camp, who traditionally boycotted the elections so far, have decided to run for election this time. Another part of the radical camp, especially the National Council around Ali Kerimli, is traditionally still boycotting the election,” the expert said.

He noted the boycott decision would not have any serious consequences for the radical opposition camp under the current circumstances. "World practice has also proven that boycotting tactics produce results when the political organization that declares it has a large social base and supports in the country. It also must have a charismatic power, such as pouring hundreds of thousands into the streets to influence government policy at any time. However, none of this is about the National Council. Therefore, the current boycott tactic is nothing more but an attempt to cover up the foreseen defeat and lack of social base,” said Guliyev.

"The radical opposition has boycotted many elections, including presidential, parliamentary and municipal ones in recent years,” said Nazakat Mammadova, a member of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP). "These people, who have longed for power for 26 years, have not come up with a conceptual approach and are now blaming the government for everything. The manipulation of the nation and the naive people does not fit any political ethics or moral framework. The fate of Azerbaijan should be solved through a joint search for dialogue, mutual understanding, and problem-solving between the Azerbaijani government and the people, and not as a result of a secret conspiracy of radical-minded opposition with foreign forces that have some interests in our homeland.”

Mammadova emphasized that all these processes reveal several problems of the Azerbaijani opposition: the degradation of political culture and moral values, the outdated system and the complete absence of the process of self-renewal, as well as the inability to respond adequately to the demands of modern times, internal and external conditions.

"The government is responding to these challenges and successfully implementing a system-wide upgrade, thus demonstrating the ability to maintain its sustainability. It is impossible to come to power by organizing illegal rallies and confrontations and attempting to hinder the head of state who is trying to lead the people to the bright future. Boycotting the election is a step towards demolition, it will eventually lead to the collapse of opposition forces,” she noted.