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President Ilham Aliyev’'s visit to Iran is an important event

President Ilham Aliyev’'s visit to Iran is an important event
Experts think improving relations will be beneficial for both countries

Azerbaijan delegate, headed by president Ilham Aliyev,  visited Iran the other day at the request of the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani. After the official welcome and meeting between the presidents, 11 documents were signed by both head of states. In addition, presidents held a joint press conference in Tehran. While commenting on presidents visit to Iran and the talks between two presidents and the documents they signed, chairman of Great Establishment Party and a member of  Azerbaijan-Iran inter-parliamentary working group, Fazil Mustafa stated the trip was an important event.  According to him, it is particularly important to handle issues in such manner with Iran at such a sensitive time as this: "“Iran also understands that it is necessary to continue neighborly relations with Azerbaijan. We should try our best so that Iran-Armenia relations does not work against Azerbaijan. Therefore it is beneficial for us to improve relations with Iran. It is necessary to avoid mutual accusations, and achieve a healthier and more beneficial relations, particularly economic relations. At a time when sanctions are lifted from them, it is advantageous for Iran to develop economic ties with Azerbaijan. Because, compared to Russia and others, Azerbaijan is a lot more suitable option as a transport-transit country.  Azerbaijan can also benefit from Iran to get an access to Indian Ocean and surrounding areas, including Chinese markets. Hence it is important to establish strong relations between the two countries. I hope that the improving relations will play a role in preventing instability in the region. In general, I consider the trip to be beneficial and I'’m hopeful about the results”"

MP Sahib Aliyev also stressed the importance of president’s visit to Iran. He shared his opinions on his “Facebook” page and said: “"When we hear Iran, the first thing that comes to mind is our compatriots living there. That’s why we want to see our neighbor more democratic, free and peaceful. I hope that the president’s trip to Iran will be the beginning of a new phase and will expand and deepen the relations between the countries".

Expert on issues of Caspian sea and political analyst, Rustam Mammadov pointed out that oil and gas were very important issues at the moment. He stated that it was a historical event to sign any treaty on the issue. In his opinion, the agreement  memorandum on oil and gas projects including the memorandum signed between SOCAR and “Ghadir” investment company was a very important economic and social event: “"Iran is an oil rich country just like Azerbaijan. After the sanctions were lifted from it, Iran has re-entered the market with its oil and gas. The Iranian factor influences neighboring countries as well. In this regard, Iran is crucial for Azerbaijan’s oil and gas policy. Therefore, I regard the president’s trip to Iran, his oil and gas policy and the documents signed between two countries as an important development. Azerbaijan and Iran has always had friendly relations. Further improvement of relations and reaching more agreements on economic issues would be beneficial for both sides. Iranian president’s smart and correct political course will strengthen our friendship”".

"“Azerbaijan and Iran has opened a new page by signing 11 documents”." This statement was made by the chief of staff of the president of Iran, Mohammad Nahavandian. According to him, the signing of documents have a positive impact on the prospect of the mutual relations. 

M. Nahavandian also noted that, there are good prospects for bi-lateral and multi-lateral partnership between Iran, Azerbaijan and other regional countries, particularly on energy projects. 




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