Premature temperature rise is observed in Azerbaijan

Premature temperature rise is observed in Azerbaijan

25 June 2019, 15:42 648

Typically, such heat in our country is observed in July-August. In these months, the weather is so hot that they are called red-hot months. However, it seems like June doesn't lose ground this year. Abnormal heat is observed in Azerbaijan for several days. Undoubtedly, such weather negatively affects people's health. According to the medical and meteorological forecast, although warm temperatures in the Absheron Peninsula are unacceptable for meteo-sensitive people, Khazri is expected to blow, which is also a positive factor.

Nevertheless, in such abnormal heat, people should be very careful to avoid any health problems. But there are those who are happy to have such weather. This is, of course, the tourism sector. In hot weather, it is possible to cool off only on the beaches. The best option in such abnormal heat are beaches, according to the advice of doctors. In a word, we also learned the doctors’ and tourism sector representatives’ opinions. The doctors talked about ways to protect from heat, gave advice, while the tourism expert expressed his satisfaction with such a heat without hiding his joy, and invited everyone to the beaches.

Professor and medical expert Adil Geybulla said that premature air temperature rise can actually be regarded as the effects of global warming. "The effects of global warming are felt all over the world. The melting of the glaciers, the excessive temperature rise, the loss of differences between the seasons are the result of this. People and other creatures are gradually adapted to these heat. But this adaptation needs some time. Sudden red-hot weather can seriously affect people's health. Therefore, the contact with hot air should be minimized. Otherwise, there may be occasions of sunstroke. This is due to the violation of the mechanisms that eliminate the heat in the body. Normally, when the weather is getting hotter, the vessels are expanded and fluid is released from the body through the skin. Also, the cutaneous respiration gets stronger in hot weather. These processes are designed to reduce body temperature. But the the body performs these actions for a while and then the internal temperature rises. With the rise of internal temperature, sunstroke is observed. Therefore, negative effects should be avoided. It is important to bring the people who have lost consciousness or who have weakness to be immediately taken to a cool place and provide first aid. Especially elderly, children and pregnant women should be more careful in such hot weather. Since the child's body has less water capacity, the exudation takes place more. It is best for children to be at home in cool weather. Also, it is necessary to pay special attention to clothing in hot weather. Preference should be given to clothing that facilitates skin breathing. Synthetic fabrics have a much more negative effect on the human body in hot weather. Surprisingly, cases of cold are common in such weather. Excessive cold water and air conditioning can cause colds. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the body from temperature changes. The temperature outside and inside should differ by a maximum of 10 degrees," the expert noted.

Pediatrician Kenan Garayev pointed out that the rise in temperature in summer may have some negative effects on normal living conditions of children. "Therefore, at certain times of the day, children should be protected from sunlight. It is undesirable to take children out from 11am to 5pm. The effects of sun rays can be extremely harmful to the child's body during these hours. Children should get fluids often in such hot weather. As the temperature rises, the child body loses more fluid. The liquid balance in the body must be protected. Otherwise, there may be some problems with the cardiovascular system or sunstroke may take place. It may be helpful to take children to sea or pool in such weather. But it is important to keep in mind that the water is clean. Because dirty water can cause gastrointestinal infections in children. This leads to vomiting and diarrhea," he said.

Physical therapist Malahat Abbasova noted that it is important to be careful since the weather this year has become hot earlier than usual. "The temperature has risen sharply since early June. In such weather we have to keep in mind our health. It is useful not to go out at certain times of the day when it is not important. In important cases, it is advisable to use hats and other protective clothing. The fluid in our body is evaporated with hot air. That is, the organism loses a lot of fluids. Therefore, it is beneficial to drink at least 3 liters of water every day. When we lose fluid, our blood is clotting and the brain is not fully provided with blood. In many people, there are cases of fainting. In the summer months, it is necessary to use a lot of fruits and vegetables. Along with fluid, the salts in our body are also removed. Therefore, we should various dishes rich in vitamins a lot. It is important to use less fatty and meat dishes and pay special attention to watermelons and melons in warm weather. Because these two contain a large number of vitamins. People who are not heat resistant should take a shower often. Meteo-sensitive people should be more careful. They should not go out in hot weather. Sun rays can cause even more serious damage to their body. When it comes to sunstroke, you should first consult a doctor. Before the doctor, it is important to take blood-thinning medications and a lot of fluid," Abbasova stressed.

According to tourism expert Elchin Rustamli, the early start of hot weather creates favorable conditions for the development of summer tourism. "The early warming of the weather and the continuation of this temperature during 3 months have a positive impact on the development of the tourism sector. Usually, the season's opening was about the end of June and mid-July. This year the beach season began in early June. This has a significant impact on both domestic and inbound tourism. Because tourists prefer to relax in warmer countries. The interest of visitors from Arab countries is more to the nature of Azerbaijan. But European tourists tend to the beach tourism. In this sense, the early start of the beach season is good for our business. We have already received orders for certain tours related to domestic tourism. Early start of hot weather means the summer months will last longer. This means a revival in the development of domestic and inbound tourism as a whole," the expert added.

Shabnam Mehdizade