Plant, giving priority to quality-Reportage

Plant, giving priority to quality-Reportage

19 February 2016, 16:41 836
The main goal of the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, established according to the decree of President Ilham Aliyev signed on December 21, 2011 is to create favorable condition for development of competitive industrial production, based on the innovation and high-tech. As well as, the park has been established in order to give support for entrepreneurship, provide steady development of non-oil sector and increase employment in the production sector.
As part of the measures taken in this regard, "Azertexnolayn” Limited Liability Company was given residential status of the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park on December 23rd, 2013. Currently, three production enterprises of "Azertechnoline” LLC- Steel Pipe, Polyethylene Products and Technical Equipment Plants run in the area of the SCIP.

Recall that , "Kaspi” newspaper made a reportage about the Steel Pipe Plant on February 4th. And now we are going to speak about the Technical Equipment Plant. 
The Technical Equipment Plant manufactures gas and water valves, also, fire hydrants and so on. 

While walking through the Plant,  Eldeniz Guliyev, director of the Plant told that the work takes place in metal smelting and processing fields. Casting plant, processing, models and engineering work is carried out  by the workers in accordance with demands. There are two large 5 tons induction furnaces at the metal smelting plant. We mainly produce  water valves, valves and their parts, as well as many fields of iron. In every stage, products are checked by employees of the quality management system. 

The two-shift operation, 250 permanent jobs

E.Guliyev said that currently, 125 employees have been provided with permanent jobs. He also noted that the plant started its activity from October of last year,  will run in  two-shift operation. Then number of employees will be 250 : " 98 percent of employees are  local staff. As, local staff has specialized in this field over production  for more years. Our plant  has been provided with more  modern  equipments, so, specialists, invited from abroad give extension courses for local employees. After 1-2 months, cadres successfully finishing trainings begin to work at the plant.  Moreover,  different vacancies on this field are regularly posted  in the official website of the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park as well as the vacancies are sent to state employment offices and employment centers. Those organizations send candidates for job to the plant. Here they are tested  and the decision is made. 

Export opportunities to Turkey, Czech Republic and Germany 

E. Guliyev also stressed that work is underway for exporting those products abroad. Turkish, German, and Czech companies have already been  interested in our products: " Companies asked examples of products and we sent examples of our products to them.  They have also informed about the prices of products. Almost, we managed to exceed Turkey and Russia in this process. Products manufactured in our plant and their prices are  compatible for foreign markets. In fact, we  got proposals from  Turkey, Czech Republic, Germany. Those companies are carrying out a monthly inspection of their audits and research work. After successful conclusion of the process we will begin to export our products to abroad.  

 Selection of young cadres 

During the tour of the plant we talked with some employees. An  operator of automatic molding plant Saleh Rzayev has been working at the plant for 5 months. He has graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry. Its first job in his career  and here he is learning thoroughly the intricacies of the job: " I have been working in this plant for 5 years. Its my first job. After applying for job I've been training for about 1 month, and then I began to work. I have learned a lot of new things. Almost, here I get new knowledge every day. A device that I use at the plant is the first device in Caucasus. I try to be responsible in my job.  

Attitude towards employees

The plant staff are very friendly. Everone tries to help each other. For delivery of employees to the plant timely service operates.  So employees do not have a transport problem. He also expressed satisfaction with his salary.