On the basis of what principles news sites to get financial aid?

On the basis of what principles news sites to get financial aid?

08 February 2016, 18:33 652
Online media has become an integral part of our life. The majority of people get daily news via online media. Recently, online media considerably developed. Specially, number of readers of news websites and portals have considerably increased. Discussions on financial aid for online media were held in a meeting of  Press Council. Chairman of Press Council Aflatun Amashov told that discussions were held about this issue while President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev met with members of the Board of Directors of the Press Council on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the national press.

But on the basic of what principles websites will be funded? 

Chairman of the Journalists` Trade Union, Mushfig Alasgarli told "Kaspi” that some key principles will be taken into consideration while funding of news websites: " Press Council is preparing a project about this and discussions of the project are being held. Some principles have been determined regarding aid for websites. Firstly, the main principle will be IP (access website) issue. Other point is creativeness of website. Moreover, a percentage of own information reported by the website will be paid regard mainly. It was also noted that, the mentioned feature is the most important point. Some news websites make profit from issuing sensational news. 

M.Alasgarli also stressed a principle of having normal property of websites: "Websites asking financial aid must have address, bank account, employees, contracts with employees,as well as, it should run as normal mass media outlet.  
One of main principles is following of professional ethics principles by journalists. The fifth principle is a state registration of website.

Our interlocutor stressed that work on this issue is underway. Some changes have been made to legislation, due to growth of online media. The process is underway and has not finished yet. 

Chairman of Press Council Aflatun Amashov noted that online media plays a remarkable role on formation of public opinion in the world: "Significance of e-media has increased in formation of public opinion in Azerbaijan as in other countries. Online media forms considerable part of public opinion. Thus, the state care and help for online media express a significance of the issue. Since, online media maintains formation of public opinion not only in the country as well as in abroad.  We should try to increase number of  news websites serving to form a positive image of Azerbaijan, as information war continues in the world. Online media makes profit from advertising, however it is not enough to keep them up.
News websites should have opportunity to report their news in German, French, Turkish and Russian languages. Editorials ought to restore their work according to modern standards. In this regard, I suppose websites need the state support. 

E. Amashov stressed that some criterias and principles will be taken mainly in the issue of financing of websites: " Purpose of website will be significant. There are some entartainment websites that to finance them will not be expedient. They do not play an important role on formation of public opinion."

Importance of information, as well as  power and influence of information will be considered.  News portals which  do not follow the rules of social behavior will  not  be funded.

Touching upon regulation of news portals' activities by the law, E. Amashov noted that all provisions of the law on mass media cover traditional media and news agencies. Some changes and additions must be made in the law on mass media. Possibly, with certain stages this issue will find its solution. 

Shabnam Mehdizadeh