Officials should carefully approach towards demands of new era

Officials should carefully approach towards demands of new era

29 January 2016, 17:10 1251
Nobody has a privileged position and no one is untouchable. The latest events in Azerbaijan have once more shown this. If some high ranking government officials violate the law or  do not implement their duties, they certainly will be punished and the punishment is being realized. People may see it. There is no even one person with privileges. All are equal in the eyes of the law. Officials must carefully approach towards demands of new area.

The government officials should be together with nation. I have always stressed that each government  official and  the president also are servants of the nation. The nation relies on them. Officials and their family members  should behave modestly.  They must not behave as that they have special priviliged position. 
Azerbaijani  President Ilham Aliyev noted this at a meeting dedicated to the second year of the State program on socio-economic development of Azerbaijan’s regions in 2014-2018. He noted that officials’ duty is to serve nation. 

Chairman of Constitution Research Foundation, Alimammad Nuriyev noted that the head of state has always given warnings to the government officials not to misuse of their positions. Also he gave significant messages on their children. He reminded officials that they have to be servants of people: " I serve this nations, it means you also must serve the nation. They should give attention for their behavior with people, not to be arrogant and rude in any case.” 
Nuriyev is sure that officials will  draw conclusions on this warning: " President Ilham Aliyev also warned them not to be waistful. Some are wasting  too much money for buying expensive official cars.  I suppose, some corruption deals committed.”
Moreover keeping these cars demand more expenses. Their spare parts and services are very costly. Whereas, there is a car plant in Azerbaijan that officials can use its cars.  Besides, it will bring a saving and  increase of vacancies. As well as, it helps to spend  money of state budget effectively and expansion of production sphere. Our country will get be experienced on this field.

According to Nuriyev,  an increase of local production will create  more opportunities : If works will go well,  naturally, enterpreneurs will expand  their businesses. At the same time, new technologies will be brought to the country. In this regard, the head of state as always  has given right task in time. Unfortunately, some government officials are conservatives. Their approaches to innovation are too slow. I think that, it should be activity and iniativity. It should be comprehension  challenges and suitably action according to these challenges.  
In new condition, adoptation for new crisis situation, it should use to be work in this condition. They mainly used to live comfortably. I do beleive that, officials will continue implementing given tasks, also will put new initiative and will try to work in new conditions.
Briefly, plans will be enlarged on  implementation of useful management. This is very important issue. If someone can not work in new condition then he has two choices- to resign willingly or to be forced to resign. The head of state works hard  for taking care of nation.  So, the  government officials have to follow the President. 
Shafa Tapdig