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New Azerbaijan Party member: Some Western organizations engaged in political trade

New Azerbaijan Party member: Some Western organizations engaged in political trade
Freedom House organization’s report is ridiculous and meaningless, member of the political council of the New Azerbaijan Party, editor-in-chief of Azerbaijan’s Iki Sahil newspaper Vugar Rahimzade told Trend on Feb. 8.
"Therefore, the reports of such organizations must not be taken seriously,” he said. "All documents prepared by such organizations are biased.”
"Some Western organizations are engaged in political trade,” Rahimzade said. "They are "professional” scammers and are engaged in fraud. Such non-governmental organizations, under the guise of protecting human rights and freedoms, pursue other goals, in particular, put pressure on different countries and dictate their conditions.”
"Freedom House’s report is regrettable,” he said. "To state that Azerbaijan and Turkey are lagging behind, but Armenia is developing, is absurd. Freedom House considers the countries proceeding from their political preferences.”
"Armenia is a criminal, terrorist country,” Rahimzade added. "The Armenians committed terrorist attacks not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Georgia, Turkey, the US and Europe. Everyone knows the assassinations and killings committed by ASALA terrorist organization. To mention such a country as a model for developed countries is a very ridiculous and meaningless approach.”



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