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MP: Unacceptable to politicize ordinary incident between Azerbaijanis, Chechens

MP: Unacceptable to politicize ordinary incident between Azerbaijanis, Chechens
Purposeful attempts by certain forces to politicize an ordinary incident between Azerbaijanis and Chechens in Moscow are unacceptable, Azerbaijani MP and political scientist Elman Nasirov told Trend.
The MP added that Azerbaijanis and Chechens have friendly relations and have been good neighbors for centuries. 
"We are united by historical good-neighborly ties, by religion; our cultures are also close. We have lived shoulder to shoulder for centuries, and friendly ties have always existed between us, as they do to this day."
Nasirov noted that Azerbaijan has cooperation ties with many federal subjects of Russia, including the Chechen Republic, and there are high-profile official relations between the parties.
"Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Vladimir Putin also maintain close friendly ties. Therefore, no one can break this friendship if it exists between the states, the heads of state and the peoples. Thus, it is wrong to reinterpret an ordinary incident, and there can be no talk of a clash between the two peoples. It is a mere misunderstanding, an ordinary criminal incident, and such facts cannot harm the friendly and fraternal relations between the Azerbaijani and Chechen peoples."




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