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Montenegro eyes to develop co-op with Azerbaijan in tourism sector

Montenegro eyes to develop co-op with Azerbaijan in tourism sector
Montenegro regards Azerbaijan as an important partner in the tourism sector, Vice-President of Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ivan Saveljic said at the Azerbaijan-Montenegro business forum in Baku, Trendreports on June 25.
He stressed that the countries have great potential for cooperation and such forums give impetus to the development of partnership relations and highlighting of the most attractive segments in terms of economic feasibility.
"Montenegro is actively increasing its potential in the tourism sector and has high indices in this sphere among the European countries,” Saveljic added. "We are interested in intensifying the cooperation in the tourism sector and in increasing the tourist flow from Montenegro to Azerbaijan, and vice versa.”
"At the same time, we intend to take advantage of those mechanisms thanks to which Azerbaijan has greatly advanced in the Doing Business ranking,” he said. "We intend to learn from Azerbaijan’s experience in the development of the priority sectors of the economy."
Saveljic stressed the importance of political cooperation.
"As a NATO member, Montenegro supports Azerbaijan’s policy aimed at ensuring stability and preserving peace in the region,” he said.



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