Azerbaijan allocates millions of manat to reduce unemployment

Azerbaijan allocates millions of manat to reduce unemployment

10 April 2020, 13:15 298
In addition to those registered as unemployed before April 1, those registered during the special quarantine regime will also be able to receive this lump sum payment
The Action Plan, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in connection with the execution of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s order dated March 19, 2020, includes the large-scale, effective and targeted measures to reduce the negative impact of coronavirus on the national economy, employment issues, issues related to the entrepreneurship and social well-being in existing conditions. The unemployed people will be temporarily employed through the creation of 50,000 paid public jobs. For this purpose, 30 million manat ($17 million) will be allocated. At the same time, individuals (200,000 people) registered as unemployed in the local bodies of the State Employment Services under the Ministry will be provided with a lump sum payment in the amount of a living wage (190 manat) each month in April-May 2020. In total, 70 million manat ($41 million) will be allocated for this purpose.

According to the Public Relations and Communication Department of the MLSPP, the lump sum payment for unemployed people (190 manat) will be given to family members who are able to work, but are unemployed and do not receive social benefits. Thus, if both husband and wife are unemployed in the family, one of them, as well as other members of the family (for example, the son or daughter of the family) who are unemployed and do not receive social benefits will also receive payment. In addition to those registered as unemployed before April 1, those registered as unemployed during the special quarantine regime will also receive this lump sum payment. There is no need for individuals to re-apply if they have applied once. There is also an opportunity for those whose ID cards have expired to apply during the special quarantine period. Their ID cards have been extended until the end of the special quarantine regime.

As for the application process, the unemployed citizen must first access the "e-services" section of the portal and click the following link: "Registration of citizens as job seekers and unemployed, temporary deregistration and temporary cancellation of registration." This requires an "ASAN signature" or electronic signature. However, the most convenient way is to register as an unemployed or job seeker without the need for any registration procedure, using the "online application" section on the portal. Here, the applicants must select the sections "Services provided in the field of employment" in the "Direction" section, and "Registration and deregistration of citizens as job seekers and unemployed" in the "Type of service" section, by entering their ID number and Individual Identification Number. Unemployed people who do not have access to the Internet can call the relevant district (city) employment centers (Phone numbers: http://s to register. The schedule of electronic application days for cities and regions of the country for the period up to April 12 was also presented ( For now, every unemployed citizen applies electronically on the day indicated in the schedule for each district. In the coming days, any unemployed person will be able to apply electronically on any day.



According to the law on employment, an able-bodied person of working age who does not have a job or income, registered with an authority (organization) designated by the relevant executive authority as an unemployed person – is considered an unemployed person. Persons working for a salary at relevant workplaces by signing an employment agreement (contract) with an employer; persons working under civil law contracts - persons performing work (services) for a fee without creating labor relations and signing a contract with the opposite party; entrepreneurs, persons owning land shares suitable for agriculture, members of family and peasant farms; persons elected, appointed or approved for a paid position; persons serving in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan; persons studying full-time at higher and secondary vocational schools and engaged in paid activities; and others are considered employed individuals under the law.  That is why the lump sum payment will be received by the unemployed victimized during the pandemic, except for those who currently receive social benefits from the state. That is, the lump sum payment is intended to be given to the unemployed and those who have no income. Upon completion of the registration process for unemployed citizens, lump sum payments will be delivered to the address through a non-cash transaction (through banking services).



The government has approved an action plan to prevent the damage caused by the coronavirus to the economic and social life of the country, Musa Guliyev, chairman of the parliamentary committee on labor and social policy, member of the Political Council of the New Azerbaijan Party, told the "Kaspi” newspaper. The MP considered the measures taken by the state to combat the pandemic and its consequences satisfactory. "Under the presidential order, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a package of measures to be taken in the first stage. The action plan will cover more than one billion manat in three main areas - support for economic growth and entrepreneurship, employment and social welfare, macroeconomic and financial stability. The implementation of this plan has already begun and provides for the social protection of about two million of our citizens. The measures to be taken will provide social protection to 910,000 public sector employees and 664,000 private-sector employees, as well as job-seekers, people in need of social protection, lonely elderly people, students studying on a paid basis and other categories of our citizens. The president's address to the nation on the development of a new, more comprehensive and large-scale financial support program should also be received as good news. According to additional estimates, it is planned to allocate at least 2.5 billion manat. The goal is to ensure economic stability in Azerbaijan, solve employment problems, and maintain a stable macroeconomic and financial situation. Therefore, the action plan will be broader and more comprehensive and will provide opportunities to ensure the social protection of all categories of our citizens, including those who work by the day without a labor contract and are currently unemployed. Another example is the work done to provide a lump sum payment of 190 manat per month in April-May 2020 to persons registered as unemployed in the State Employment Service is another example to the above mentioned,” he said.