"Life is worth living"

11 January 2019, 16:30 1587

The exhibition hall of the Union of Artists named after Vajiha Samedova   has not witnessed  such a crowd  long ago. Artists, art people, students, media representatives gathered at the exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Ziyadkhan Aliyev, Honored Cultural Worker. This was probably the most precious value given to the work of the artistic worker, who has  a crucial service in the Azerbaijani art science.

"Ziyadkhan Aliyev has a special place in Azerbaijan's art science. For more than 40 years  he has been researching various fields of art and its development tendency, art people's works and promoting Azerbaijani art through his writings in foreign media, People's Artist, Chairman of Artists' Union of Azerbaijan Farhad Khalilov said. Ziyadkhan Aliyev’s scientific-publicist articles were published in the U.S, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey.  As a brave art critic he always wrote on true and outstanding art persons and their activities. He wrote more than 20 monographs and hundreds of scientific-publicist articles. As the chairman of "Criticism and Art Studies" Department  of the Union of Artists Aliyev has been promoting Azerbaijani art  not only in the country, but also far beyond the borders".
So far no artist's anniversary exhibition has been held as solemn as Ziyadkhan Aliyev’s, Omar Eldarov, Rector of Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art highlighted Aliyev’s professional qualities. Ziyadkhan always stands by the artists and is aware of developments in art field. His works maintained the development of art and painting.

"After reading Ziyadkhan Aliyev's writings I have unconventionally comprehended Sattar Bahlulzade and Bahruz Kangarli’s works and art. Worldwide promotion of today's most popular artist  in absence of the art historians and critic is impossible in current postmodern and global era", the Cultural counsellor  of the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan Irfan Ciftci made remarks.  

"From this point of view, Ziyadkhan Aliyev is an art critic who promoted the entire Azerbaijani artists  from Bahlul Sattarzade to Gunay Mehdiyeva. Without such art scientists it is hard to promote art and artists in the world. Therefore, there is a need for  art critics like Ziyadkhan Aliyev”, he added. Ciftci expressed his intention to launch Ziyadkhan Aliyev’s exhibition in Turkey and  assess  his works as well. Azerbaijani art needs to be represented through Aliyev’s philosphy." he added. 

Other participants of the exhibition-Zarifa Salahova , founder of the Miniature Book Museum, Galib Gasimov the sector director of the Ministry of Culture, Azer Abdulla, poet and others  highlighted Ziyadkhan Aliyev’s  crucial and detailed reseaches  on Azerbaijani artists and problems of fine art in contemporary Azerbaijani art.  His superiority is that he always pointed out the truth. He has created a chronicle of contemporary Azerbaijani art.

Having  pleased to see curiosity and love of the participiants Ziyadkhan Aliyev, Honored Cultural Worker expressed  "Well, it is worth living" .

"Sattar Bahlulzadeh did not want him  to be an art critic. When I graduated from the School of Art, he reccomended me to major in  Faculty of Fine Arts at İnstitute of  Art. However I persisted in saying, "I want to be an art critic". He tried me to give up this idea. But when Bahlulzadeh saw my stubbornness in my decision  he embraced meand wished good luck. Later, when I was writing a  book  on Sattar Bahlulzadeh  titled " Majnun of art” I became acquainted with the artist's diaries. He was dissatisfied with the art critics of his time. I did not want myself to be in this list. I undertstood that he did not me to be among those art critics." 

Touching upon current art criticism, Aliyev said notwithstanding that art criticism is on the right track today, but  there are still  some shortcomings: " Simply, art criticism needs courage. As I always emphasize that an art critic  should be a poet,  philosopher, and knight -all together". he added.  Speaking of his book titled "The fate of art critic” written on himself, Aliyev added that  he is glad that he has never betrayed art criticism. "
Tarana Maharramova