Leyla Yunus - Example of Betrayal of Homeland

Leyla Yunus - Example of Betrayal of Homeland

14 March 2019, 16:32 373

There have always been enemies of Azerbaijan and those who cooperate with them. They even tried to justify their treacherous deeds and tried to impose their excuses on society as the reason for their actions. However, the Azerbaijani people have always seen and understood their goals. The society of Azerbaijan is aware of Leyla Yunus and her purposes as well. The main purpose Leyla Yunus, who is hiding behind the name of "democracy" and "human rights", is proved to be making a great deal of money. The fact that she is trading under the title of "political prisoner" also shows what kind of "human rights defender" she is. But besides all this, everyone knows that Yunus loves Armenians, and she has been often stating that the Azerbaijani people are not tolerant toward Armenians. In a word, Yunus is more Armenian than Armenians themselves. The ideas voiced referring Yunus at the event held in Europe these days have once again confirmed this. Thus, the conference "Armenophobia: historical and present-day resurgence” was held at the European Parliament. Naturally, the subject of the event was related to the suppression and persecution of Armenians by Azerbaijanis. In their speeches, Armenians referred to Leyla Yunus as saying "Since they are 10 years old, the children are made to believe that the Azerbaijanis’ enemies are the Christians and the Armenians are called "faithless people in black garments.” This was presented under the title "Armenia, an integral part of Azerbaijani education”. This once again makes it clear who and what is protected by Leyla Yunus, who calls herself a human rights defender.

In his statement to Kaspi newspaper, MP Elshan Musayevsaid that it is impossible to understand the aggression and hatred of Yunus, whose position contradicts Azerbaijan, where she grew up. "Moreover, this person has been showing a similar position throughout her life. Being a head of the Department of Informatics and Analytics at Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry, Leyla Yunus denied the information about the Khojaly genocide and repeatedly tried to reduce number of people killed there, as well as clearly and unambiguously supported Armenians during the information warfare,” the MP said.

Musaev stressed that at one of the events held in Karabakh, Leyla Yunus spoke fluently in Armenian. "That is why I have not been surprised by the special speech of this anti-national person at the conference "Armenophobia: historical and present-day resurgence”, organized by the European Parliament. No one should be surprised by that. This is the essence and the nature of Leyla Yunus. This enemy of our state and nation was sending letters stating that she supposedly understood her mistake and simulating a fake disease. Finally, her lawyer held a press conference and called Yunus a deceiver and an enemy of the people. The lawyer was so shocked by her that wrote and presented a book about Leyla’s disclosure. In short, one can expect anything from such traitor to the homeland as Leyla Yunus,” he noted.

Touching upon the meeting in the European Parliament, human rights activist Sahib Mammadov noted that Yunus talked nonsense there. "When she was in Azerbaijan, speaking at the general meeting of the Council of Europe's Social Committee at the Milli Majlis, Yunus stated that hatred of Armenians is instilled in our textbooks but did not even mention the Armenian textbooks. Misir Mardanov, who was the Minister of Education at that time, denied this and proposed to create a commission in order to analyze the textbooks of Azerbaijan and Armenia and reveal the truth. Let me note that Leyla Yunus always keeps this issue on the agenda. She even has a website together with her friend Laura Baghdasaryan, where she slanders Azerbaijan. Yunus hangs the Armenians' actions on the Azerbaijanis. She has made a traditional statement at a meeting in the European Parliament,” he noted.

Mammadov believes that the detention of separatist traitor Fakhraddin Abbaszade, has led to the activation of the separatist group in The Hague, the network affiliated with the pro-Armenian organization in the Czech Republic, Akram Aylisli and Leyla Yunus. "Alikram Humbatov made a notorious statement on Fakhraddin Abbaszade in the Armenian media, while the Azerbaijani and the electronic version of the Azadlig newspaper called him as a political immigrant in the Netherlands. Former ambassador of Norway to Azerbaijan, Steinar Gil, shared his article and accused Azerbaijan. He allegedly introduced himself as a friend of democracy in Azerbaijan and had warm relations with the opposition. Interestingly, at the present moment, the smear campaign of the pro-Armenian forces is based on the fact that Azerbaijan is allegedly against Christianity. Whereas Azerbaijan is one of the most tolerant countries, the center of inter-confessional peace. Unfortunately, they are spreading rumors, for which they use people such as Akram Aylisli, Leyla Yunus, Arif Yunus and Steinar Gil,” added the human rights activist.