Jamil Hasanli shares common position with Armenians

Jamil Hasanli shares common position with Armenians

05 November 2019, 15:09 925

We have written many times that the radical opposition, in particular the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) and the National Council, has created "political activity" contrary to the national-state interests of Azerbaijan. We know that chairman of the APFP, Ali Karimli and Jamil Hasanli, who is under his direct influence, cannot be patriots and cannot differ the fight against the political power and the fight against the motherland, the state and the people. This anti-national group is acting in common with the Armenians. Another example of this are the discussions recently held by the US National Press Club in Washington in connection with a rally organized by the so-called National Council on October 19 in Baku. Besides Hasanli, odious journalist Sevinj Osmanqizi participated in the discussions. Speaking at the event, Hasanli voiced biased, prejudiced views about our country and called on the international community to impose sanctions similar to the Magnitsky Act against Azerbaijan.

Another point worth noting is that, just a day before Hasanli and his supporters organized an event against our country in the US, the Armenians made similar statements. Thus, the delegation of the so-called Armenian body in Nagorno-Karabakh, occupied by Armenia, held meetings in Congress and other instances. At the meetings, the Armenian separatists tried to form a negative opinion about Azerbaijan and take tough measures against our country. Although a group of Azerbaijanis living in the US objected to the event held by the "head” of the so-called body in the US Congress on October 30, Hasanli and his supporters, who claim to be democrats, patriots and nationalists, did not support the protest action and did not show solidarity for the sake of national-state interests. This fact has once again shown that radicals posing as democrats are no different from the Armenians in their behavior.

In his statement to Kaspi, MP Aydin Huseynovexpressed regret that the chairman of the National Council Hasanli demanded the sanctions against Azerbaijan while in the US. According to him, there were Armenians and pro-Armenian people among those who participated in the discussions in the US. "During these meetings held by Jamil Hasanli, he did not make any comments on the fact that an "official" of the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh body was on a visit to the US, thus disrespecting the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. On the contrary, his speech at the meeting did not differ from the views of the Armenian lobby against Azerbaijan. The opinion of Jamil Hasanli was similar to the words of Advocacy Director for Europe and Central Asia for Amnesty International human rights organization Daniel Balson, who is unquestionably under the influence of the Armenian lobby. Both sides tried to undermine the image of our country with false accusations and biased statements. Both claimed that there was no media freedom in Azerbaijan, and alleged that the prevention of illegal protests by the police was violent. However, the hostile attitude of the radical forces to the people and the state has once again proved itself. But our internal and external enemies should not forget that Azerbaijan is internationally recognized as a civilized country,” Huseynov emphasized.

MP, political commentator Sahib Aliyev said that he may be surprised by the fact that the chairman of the National Council does not speak from the anti-Azerbaijan position, but from the national-state interest. "It is strange to expect a position based on national-state interest from Jamil Hasanli. You may one day hear that they have secretly met with the representatives of the so-called regime of Nagorno-Karabakh in Washington and have come to understanding about cooperation, so don't be surprised," he added.

Head of the so-called Azerbaijan’s National Council Jamil Hasanli has lost his conscience demanding certain states to apply sanctions against his people, state and the economy of own country, while being in the US, said MP Javid OsmanovThe MP noted that the whole Turkic world is concerned about the resolution of the House of Representatives of the US Congress in connection with the so-called Armenian genocide, and the Azerbaijani side expressed its position at the state level. "However, unfortunately, instead of expressing solidarity with all Turkic-speaking states and brotherly Turkey, Jamil Hasanli holds meetings in the US directed against Azerbaijan,” Osmanov said. "There were both Armenians and pro-Armenian people among those whom he met. What is Jamil Hasanli thinking about, when voicing calls in the US for sanctions against Azerbaijan?! Not a single person who loves his people and state, who appreciates independence and statehood of his country won’t do this. Who will suffer from these sanctions? Azerbaijani state, Azerbaijani people and citizens. And after this, Hasanli, and the rest of the radical opposition, in particular Ali Karimli, say that they 're fighting for the people?!" the MP noted.

Osmanov noted that the calls by Jamil Hasanli once again showed that these people don’t like Azerbaijan, they don’t care about the fate of the Azerbaijani people, the territorial integrity of the country, the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. "These people have made it clear that they are pursuing hostile policies against our people. Their aim is simply to fulfill the orders of the Armenian lobby and the Armenian side. They want to implement anarchy, arbitrariness and economic recession in Azerbaijan. But the Azerbaijani people will never support these radicals. Our people today are the guardians of our statehood and independence and support the domestic and foreign policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev,” he stressed.