It’s impossible to commit the Istanbul terror attack without the help of foreign intelligence

It’s impossible to commit the Istanbul terror attack without the help of foreign intelligence

30 June 2016, 18:14 7754
A deadly explosion occurred in "Ataturk” International Airport in Turkish city of Istanbul. Death toll is high in the aftermath of a terrorist attack where three suicide bombers blew themselves up in the flight terminal of the airport. A "Kalashnikov” belonging to one of the terrorist was found at the scene. According to Turkish media, nationalities of the terrorist are known but their identities haven’t been revealed yet due to the broadcast ban. It is said that one of them is a Syrian national. Political commentator Togrul Ismayil answered our questions about the terror incident, its targets and purposes and impact on Turkish economy.  
-What’s the purpose and target of the terror attack committed at the Ataturk airport? 

- Method of terror may change, but its purpose remains unchanged. The purpose is to reach political aims through force and violence. So the purpose is to damage Turkish economy, to obstruct the independent policy of the country and force it to retreat. And the target is not just any other place..The Istanbul airport is considered to be one of the best protected airport and a tourist hub. Millions of people fly through this airport. The purpose of attacking the airport in the tourist season is to destroy the economic base of Turkey and harm the country’s economy in general.   

- There this prevalent opinion in Turkish media and the statements of the political and public figures that the weak security measures made it difficult to neutralize the terrorists in time and prevent the terror attack. Do you agree with this opinion?  
-Any terrorist attack may reveal a weakness in safety measures. But not even the biggest security powers can prevent such meticulously planned terrorist attack. The terror attack in Istanbul had been planned for a long time. There’s a 100% that "leaks” played a role in this attack. And it is impossible for this "leak” to occur without the support of a foreign intelligence. Turkish police prevented a serious tragedy in Istanbul airport. They intervened immediately and prevented the terrorists from entering the airport. But it was impossible to stop the explosion. I think the terrorists’ plan was to carry out a big terrorist attack. But Turkish police managed to prevent that. Quick police response and alertness of the people played a special role in preventing the main purpose of the terrorists which was to paralyze the movement in the airport. Some may ask: if the Turkish police was so operative and quick, then why has it become almost regular for a terrorist attack to happen in Turkey? The main purpose of the terrorists is to present Turkey as unstable, volatile country where terrorist attacks are common. International community against terrorism should share intelligence with one another if they want to end terrorism. It’s not enough to offer condolences to the leaders of Turkey after each terrorist acts. We all should come together to fight against international terrorism, especially ISIS who hides behind Islam.  
- Turkey and Israel signed a treaty on June 27 to improve relations. The same day Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent his Russian counterpart a reconciliatory letter on the downing of a "Su-24” plane. And a day later a terrorist attack is committed in Istanbul international airport. Can we view the tragedy as the price Turkey paid for its diplomatic moves?  
- Some may link the terrorist attack in Istanbul to these events. But I don’t think the main target is these relations. Because this terror act wasn’t prepared in one or two days and it wasn’t spontaneous.  This was very carefully planned and executed in an organized manner. Whoever planned this attack wanted to stop the progress of Turkey becoming a regional power.  
- Citing the "kalashnikov” found at the scene, some experts claim that the attack was perpetuated by the West who were worried about the improvement of relations between Russia and Turkey. Do these claims have any credibility?   

-"Kalashnikov” is the cheapest and the most "perfect” deadly weapon used by terrorists all over the world. Terrorists obtain these weapons relatively easily and its easier to carry. It is one of the most sold weapons in the world. Discovery of a "Kalashnikov” at the scene of the attacks can be interpreted as some power trying to send a message. But at the same time, one thing should be kept in mind. There is an ongoing war in Iraq and Syria. Both of these countries used to be allies of Russia. All the weapons in the secret armory of the these countries are made in Russia. It’s very easy to obtain this weapon from those countries. So we can’t definitively say that the terrorist bought the weapon from the West and the plan was to harm Russia-Turkey relations. To think so would mean simplifying the terrorist attack in Istanbul airport.  
- How’s the situation in Turkey now?What measures are being taken on state level in the aftermath of terrorist attacks?   
- I can say that they have established an operative headquarters and are working in this direction. But I’m not informed about details. Media is trying to provide information second by second by citing official sources. As far as I know, all flight were canceled till 8 am after the attack. But the airport is working on its usual schedule at the moment. This means that security system has been fully provided. Turkish police have carried out operations in several places. Several people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. This is all we know so far.