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How to leave "home office" after quarantine?

30 April 2020, 15:09 283
Although not direct and strict, some changes will be necessary, says expert

The spread of the pandemic has led to some serious changes in our work and social life. We had to stay home for a long time to prevent the virus from spreading. During this time, the vast majority had to move their offices home. Also, during this time, most of us realized that we don't have to go to the office to work. Thanks to computers and smartphones, the house has become the most comfortable office. Probably we, including myself, will have a hard time returning to the office after the quarantine is over. But how can we overcome this problem? What do we need to do to get used to the office environment again?
According to HR specialist Abid Samadov, ending the quarantine and returning to work should be gradual and smooth. "In fact, for many companies, working from home is more convenient than coming to the office. During this time, we all got used to the home office. But certain measures must be taken to get used to the post-quarantine work life. To be disciplined, we must follow the office schedule during this period so that we do not experience serious difficulties later. Probably, after the quarantine period, everything will not be the same. This period has also formed new challenges and standards. Company executives also understand that part of the work can be done at home, without having to come to the office. Many agencies and companies will try to optimize their staff. Although not direct and strict, certain changes will already be necessary. New steps must be taken to increase the potential of employees. An employee working in one field may be reassigned to another. Of course, if the employee can prove himself in this area. The issue of optimization will come up after quarantine. The quarantine regime has made it clear to companies, educational institutions, and other institutions how important modern requirements are. We are all aware that after this period, everything will not continue where it left off. The interest in flexible work schedules will increase. Contrary to world experience, we do not have a large number of workers who work in flexible hours. Probably, after the end of the quarantine period, there will be some changes in this area because workers have become accustomed to the ease of working freely. After that, many will not want to sit in the office from 9 to 6. The number of tasks that can be done at home will probably increase. Online psychology, distance education, and other areas will further develop,” he said.

The expert noted that company executives may make certain changes in working hours. "Normal work schedule may be applied once or twice a week. On other days, part-time work would be better. Because the transition should be gradual. The experience of some international companies can be used. For example, one working day can be left entirely to the employee. The employee can work from home one day a week without coming to the office. The employee should choose this day. All of this can be very useful in terms of increasing employees' commitment to work and the company. It will be very difficult to return to the usual working hours after quarantine. Companies that value their employees must take these steps,” he added.
Psychologist Nargiz Suleymanli said that this depends on the individual approach to the matter. "The quarantine period has caused psychological stress in some people. In part, on the contrary, it created psychological comfort in some. Because we do not have to commute to the office every day. But in any case, I do not think that returning to work and office after the end of the quarantine period will not be a serious concern. Because working from home, no matter how comfortable, creates some difficulties for us. Family life, lack of office environment causes some confusion. Determining the working hours is not easy. Not everyone has a home desk. Even if we do own needed equipment, often time problems occur. Working from home is not easy, especially for those who are married and have children. If a person does all his work from the same place, it causes more psychological tension. Because during the quarantine period, we do not have the opportunity to leave the house and distract ourselves, even for a short time. As people return to work, they are reunited with their social lives. During this time, everyone realized that they are strong enough to endure all difficulties. We have the will power for this. The fact that we can work for days without leaving home and resume our education proves this. Therefore, I do not think that returning to the office after the quarantine period will cause serious problems. I would even say that there are people who are looking forward to that day. Again, everything can change depending on the individual approach to the issue. Also, ending the quarantine will be gradual. Therefore, I do not think this process will be difficult,” she said.
Shabnam Mehdizade