“Honesty, transparency, justice must be the work principle of every public servant” – President Ilham Aliyev

“Honesty, transparency, justice must be the work principle of every public servant” – President Ilham Aliyev

15 May 2020, 14:03 321

MPs believe that steps taken against corruption serve to further strengthen the independence and stability of our state

President Ilham Aliyev received Azar Gojayev in a video format on his appointment as head of Kalbajar District Executive Authority on May 13. The head of state touched upon the work principle of civil servants and the shortcomings of some officials. He noted that the heads of the district executive authorities, who were arrested on charges of bribery and corruption, committed serious violations during the construction work at the expense of state funds, misappropriated money, and then sold the apartments to people for money. He said that all these facts had been revealed.

"They also required to pay a bribe for the apartments that must be given to people for free. Each their step is a crime, a bribe. This will be put to an end! Let no one doubt! Our will is strong, no one can influence our will. And the people support us, not the criminals, the bribe-takers, the insatiable. I feel this support every day. At the same time, I said that there are unpleasant situations not only in the local executive bodies, but also in the central executive bodies, there are signals, information has been received. I said, I warned, stop doing this, stop! They thought it did not apply to them. And now they are experiencing the bitter consequences,” the President noted.

"Honesty, transparency, justice must be the work principle of every public servant. This must be the principle of their work, not bribes, not lies, not looting, not fraud, not dishonesty! Honesty, transparency, service to the people, justice - these are the principles! Again, if someone still thinks that someone will help them, they are wrong. If they do not want to live the bitter fate of the arrested government officials, let them return to the right path,” the head of state emphasized.

Sahib Aliyev, deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations, told Kaspi that the moral qualities of those who do not justify trust, who give way to corruption and bribery, are low. He noted that some of them are connected to circles that do not want to see Azerbaijan independent and strong. "Most of the people who are caught and punished for corruption and bribery, can live very well for years, even without receiving a salary. Because they have provided money for themselves and even their descendants in excess. That is, they have everything materially. But, unfortunately, they lack morality. First of all, they should have done everything necessary to support this process initiated by the head of state, from a sincere confession to the return of at least part of what they have appropriated to the state. But they don't do it. Because they suffer from their greed. Because they cannot understand what this process serves, why it was started, and how important it is for their children and grandchildren. And some of them, let’s be honest, are connected to circles that do not want to see Azerbaijan independent and strong. And the circles to which they belong are well aware that these steps, first of all, serve to further strengthen the independence of our state and its stability,” he added.

The MP said that the strength of the independence of any state depends not only on its economic potential, military power, etc., but also on the coefficient of honesty and transparency. According to him, the process will prevent the illegal actions of middle and high-ranking officials. "I am convinced that this process initiated by the President will continue successfully. Just as the establishment of the ASAN Service completely eliminated the facts of petty bribery, now the steps taken will prevent the illegal actions of middle and high-ranking officials. There is a firm and superior will for this, first of all, at the level of the head of state. Research by the Center for Sociological Research also shows that the vast majority of the population supports this process initiated by Mr. President, and the political elite cannot help but see this reality,” he said.

Aliyev stressed that one end of this process is the prospect of returning our occupied lands. "We must know that in order to return our occupied lands, not only our army, but all the institutions of our state must be much stronger and more professional than ours, and our society must be more organized and mature. These, as I said earlier, also depend on the level of transparency and honesty in the state. Every Azerbaijani should be proud not only of his army, but also of his justice, his officials, his specialists for his education, professionalism and transparency. This is exactly what Mr. President wants, what he is trying to do. I am pretty sure that in this case, even if the whole world stands behind them, we will return our lands,” said the MP.

Javid Osmanov, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Regional Affairs, also said that President Ilham Aliyev demonstrates political will and determination in the fight against treacherous officials, corruption and bribery. He cited the detention of several chief executives during an operation by the State Security Service, and the imposition of a court order on their arrest after their dismissal. "It is clear from the footage released to the public that officials who committed corruption and bribery misappropriated benefits, even those given for low-income families, kept the minimum wage cards for public works, and withdrew money from them every month. However, these public jobs are intended for citizens with no income. Thus, these officials created unfavorable conditions in the country. President Ilham Aliyev has resolutely stated that such cases will be prevented and more serious measures will be taken against officials who have committed corruption and bribery,” he noted.

Referring to the statements of President Ilham Aliyev, the MP said that the process will cover not only local executive bodies, but also central executive bodies and will be sustainable. "The operation carried out by the State Security Service in the central executive body two days ago, the information provided to the public, the detention of two officials are clear examples of this,” Osmanov added. "The President warned all officials to refrain from ugly deeds and to fulfill their duties by serving the people, state and statehood of Azerbaijan. The head of state said that the "cure" for those who committed negative acts has already been found. These are highly professional operations of law enforcement agencies. Under the instructions of the President, they will resolutely prevent such negative cases. Because corruption and bribery are a great blow to the development of the country and displease the people, especially the poor. Therefore, such negative cases will continue to be seriously combated.”