High-tech medical project in int'l competition

High-tech medical project in int'l competition

28 April 2016, 15:09 6760
Azerbaijan will participate in Global Summit on Science and Technology-GIST 2016 held every year by U.S State Department and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Azerbaijan is being represented in the competition with innovative project on medicine "HealthBox”. The Azerbaijani innovative project "HealthBox" has entered the semifinal of 2016 GIST (Global Innovation through Science and Technology).

The project’s founder is an neuropathist, Executive Director of "Hippokrat” medical center Leyla Taghizadeh. She talked to us on her participation in the competition and "HealthBox" project.
-Firstly, let’s talk about the GIST competition 

-This is a global initiative on science and technology innovation. The annual competition has been holding by U.S State Department since 2011. Here innovative projects from all over the world are maintained. A total of 1075 applications were submitted to 2016 GIST from 135 countries for participating in the competition. However only 102 applications out of 1075 applications have reached the semifinal. The Azerbaijani project "HealthBox” also has reached the semifinal of 2016 GIST. Results of the competition will be revealed after a public voting that will be held from April 1 till May 1. Each person can vote once per day. Last year Rashid Aliyev represented Azerbaijan in this competition. I am the first woman representing Azerbaijan in this competition. 
-Your project "HealthBox" is a mobile application about medicine. What will be nature of the mobile application?
- The "HealthBox" is a mobile application designed to improve patients' access to medical services. By using the mobile app, a patient can send information about the state of his health directly to medical institutions and pharmacies.  This is a free program which every user may install free app from "Google Play” "Apple Store”. Users will be able to take a screenshot of prescription and send this via the program to  all drug stores of the country. And they will receive information directly to mobile phones about the medicine which they are looking for and its price. Delivery service will be optional. Another advantage of the program is that people who live in remote regions will be able to order medicine home. Generally, in a short period of time it will be available to order medicine home from pharmacy.  

-Will it soon be able to build the system in our country ? 
-We hope for this. Completion of the project depends on funding that we will receive. As well as, the competition is a chance. As, investors from several countries attend Global Entrepreneurship Summit. They are interested in the projects representing here. Surely, we may receive financial support if we reach the final. With help of financial support we may launch the project.
-Have these type of projects implemented in the world experience ? 

-There is not any project like ours. However we have related opponents. There are online shops engaging in sale of food supplements and medicine from abroad ordered via them.  But our advantage is that we are in Azerbaijan and can provide express delivery. But if you order medicine from abroad you have to wait for 40 days. Besides it is not delivered to the address, you must take it from post office. 

-How will be prices for delivery services? Will they be reasonable? 

-Generally, purpose of our project is not medicine sale. It is a social project. We are going to be a mediator between purchasers and pharmacies. We are not responsible for prices. We raise the population's access to medicines. People look for some medicine for hours. The program will help to save time on this issue. 

-But how will be read doctors’ handwritings? 

-Actually, patients can’t read doctors' handwritings but in pharmacies it is read easily. We will offer a handwriting recognition program, which will make easy to read a prescription.
- Will doctors cooperate with the program and pharmacies join the system ?  
-Yes, they will. 

-Do you beleive doctors will agree for free consultation? 

-Initially, we have planned to do it without payment. Of course, we will explore whether doctors are ready to do it or not. I suppose, finance point will be possible in consultation issue. One of goals is implementation of medical insurance. With help of medical insurance the service will be free.  

- Will the winners be determined on the basis of public voting again?
- No. The 30 projects which have reached the final will be presented at the Global Science and Technology Summit of  Stanford University in California. We also will present our project if we win. The projects are assessed at presentations by experts of the same field. Experience has shown that even the projects which have not won also can attract funds. It has more chance to attract investments. Every year US President Barack Obama personally opens up the summit. This year, the finalists will have the opportunity to meet with the US president. 

-Do you have other ideas you want to realize? 

- We have a lot of projects, however they need finance support. We have a project about health that we are planning to realize. I want to talk about this. According to the project people with disabilities will be able to rule objects with help of brain signals.  For example, to turn the light with the power of consciousness. There is an special inspection method called electroencephalography in neuroscience. It reads brain activity. Our brain notes changes according to our actions and thoughts. The mentioned program will transmit brain notes to subjects related to the Internet via transmitters. Generally realization of this idea is possible in many areas. A human  can handle planes and trains by leveraging the power of his mind. Such projects need finance. We do not have plants for producing of these equipments. Such production have in China. It needs big finance to order some examples to Chinese plants. 
Note that you can follow the link below to vote for our representative. Everyone has the right to vote once per day till May 1. Let's support our compatriot.

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