High quality local products  –Reportage

High quality local products –Reportage

01 March 2016, 11:46 753
The Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP) was established according to a decree issued by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, on December 21, 2011. The head of state attended a groundbreaking ceremony of the Park on October 3rd, 2013. Currently, there are 5 residents of the Park : "Azertexnolayn" LLC; "SOCAR Polymer" LLC; "AzerFloat” CJSC; "Azerbaijan Fibro Cement” LLC; "Baku Non Ferrous and Foundry Company” MMC.

Recall that "Kaspi” newspaper  has issued articles about the Steel Pipe and Technical Equipment Plants. Today, we will talk about the Polyethylene Products Plant of the "Azertexnolayn" LLC. 

High-quality polyethylene pipes

Quality control manager Emil Bayramov told that here high quality  raw materials are used for the production of polyethylene pipes. Most importantly, those high quality Azerbaijani products  also are cheaper. There are several range of production at our plant. Those are spiral pipes and steel reinforced, reinforced polyethylene spiral pipes.  In addition to regulatory standards and demands, products  are manufactured according to customer requirement.  Those pipes are used in a wider range of  water and sewage pipes, drainage lines constructions. 

The most modern injection equipments

Giving information on the plant’s injection field,  E. Bayramov noted that there are  the most modern injection equipments produced by Germany in our plant. Thanks to those equipments in accordance with the range of products different types of molds are produced. The plant's annual production volume is 3 thousand tons. Currently, several type of goods are produced.  We are one of bigger  suppliers  of "Azərsu”  OJSC with water meters. 

To export products abroad is our main target

While talking to the  manager, he added that the products manufactured in the plant are mainly for meeting domestic demand: " But in future, we can manufacture products for foreign market in accordance with international standards. There are all oportunities at the plant for it. There is not any difference between foreign goods and  our products. The remarkable point is that our product is cheaper and high quality.  Moreover, Georgia, Uzbekistan Kazakhstan are interested in our products. We are ready for proposals and increase productions. It depends on orders.

According to manager, almost 80 people have been provided with permanent job. Additional staff will be able to accept for further expansion of production if orders increase, the demand grows.

Worth the effort 

Faig Heziyev, pipe welder of the plant said that he had been working in this plant since 2014 and exspressed his satisfaction with job condition and salary. He also noted that safety issues at the plant  are seriously followed. 

Support for development of non-oil sector 

We hope that the number of such enterprises, producing the competitive products that meet the highest standards will be increased. It also will maintain development of non-oil sector and increase of employment that will seriously affect people's social welfare.

Rufik Ismayilov