Ganja events: Eight more criminals detained, one liquidated

Ganja events: Eight more criminals detained, one liquidated

21 July 2018, 14:11 1021

As a result of the urgent investigative and operational measures taken in connection with the grave crimes committed in Azerbaijan’s Ganja city on July 3 and 10, eight more criminals have been detained, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Interior Ministry and the State Security Service said in statement on July 21.


In addition, previously convicted Anar Baghirov, an active member of an organized group involved in the serious crimes in Ganja and suspected of having close links to Yunis Safarov, was liquidated on July 20 by a special operational group of the State Security Service in Baku’s Binagadi district as a result of the armed resistance.



During the inspection of the scene, a Makarov pistol and related ammunition were found and seized.


Currently, the necessary investigative and operational measures are continuing to identify and bring to justice other members of the organized group involved these grave crimes