Ganja events – a crime planned by foreign special services: military prosecutor

Ganja events – a crime planned by foreign special services: military prosecutor

26 July 2018, 16:12 546
Members of radical opposition and religious extremist organizations, who envy Azerbaijan’s military power demonstrated to the whole word at the June 26 parade and the country’s rapid development, together with foreign special services known for their hostile attitude towards Azerbaijan, committed bloody terrorist acts in the city of Ganja on July 3 and 10, Azerbaijani Military Prosecutor Khanlar Valiyev said on Thursday, APA reports.

The terrorist acts, directed against the statehood, were aimed at destabilizing the situation in Azerbaijan and creating a confrontation in the republic, the military prosecutor said.  

He noted that these forces made an assassination attempt on head of the Ganja City Executive Authority and his bodyguard and killed two high-ranking police officers who tried to prevent a gross violation of public order in the city.

Valiyev stressed that this provocation was thwarted thanks to the decisive and wise steps taken by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

"An operative investigative group consisting of employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Interior Ministry and the State Security Service has already identified the criminals, detained some of them and declared the rest wanted. Measures are underway to prosecute others involved in these bloody crimes,” he said.  

The course of the investigation gives grounds to say that the events in Ganja are crimes pre-planned by special services of foreign countries and committed by those who are Azerbaijani citizens, live inside and outside the country and demonstrate hostile attitude towards the statehood, emphasized Valiyev.    

"These are not ordinary crimes, but are actions aimed at forcible seizure of power in Azerbaijan, change of the constitutional order in the republic and violation of the country’s territorial integrity. However, thanks to the decisiveness and wisdom of the Azerbaijani president, as well as the efforts of law enforcement agencies, all these provocations were severely suppressed,” he said.

On July 15, law enforcement forces also successfully prevented the attempt of radical religious groups and oppositionists to repeat the Ganja events in Sumgayit in order to create a confrontation and disrupt the socio-political stability in the city, added Valiyev.