Expectations from the new employment concept

Expectations from the new employment concept

01 February 2016, 16:26 1299
A new concept of employment to be covered for next decade is being drawn up. Some days ago a meeting of the committee set up for this purpose was held. Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Azerbaijan, Salim Muslumov told that the concept which covers the period of 2016-2025 considered to be drawn up for three months. 

Rena Abdullayeva, Deputy Chairperson of of the Department of Employment Policy of  Labor and Social Protection Ministry told "Kaspi” newspaper that the old concept is being successfully  implemented: "The employment strategy of the  Republic of Azerbaijan covering the period of 2006-2015 years, carried out in two stages and the state program has been successfully implemented. The program  ends this year. Realization of the program has brought several achievements. An unemployment rate was 7,4 percent in 2006, however, now this rate is 4,9 percent and it isa great prosperity. In addition, boosting the quality of workforce, strengthening of social protection of unemployed persons and other tasks were carried out during  execution of the old concept. Over the end of this program, a new stage starts. 

According to R. Abdullayeva, in 2014 President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev ordered to draw up new concept of employment: " The concept draft to be a project maintaining development prospects of the current demographic trends in Azerbaijan, also, based on country's economic priorities to ensure effective employment. A working group has been created for drafting the concept, as well as, some very relevant authorities and  ministries- the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Confederation of Entrepreneurship, NGOs, Trade Union, Representatives of the working group, representing ANAS have been included in the group. A work plan of the working group is ready. Some experts of international organizations attended on drafting this plan and gave their recommendations. 
The deputy chairman spoke of main priorities of the new concept: " Macroeconomic policy and business growth, employment policy at new stage of employment policy, taking into account the demographic burden, development of competitive human capacity are the key purpose of the new concept. 

Citizens' Labor Rights Protection League Chairman Sahib Mammadov told our newspaper that approach for some issues of the new concept need to be changed: " I have noted this at preliminary discussions that approach to this issue need to be changed. Either a new law to be adopted or some changes must be done on the old one. Actually, employment concept  must be covered everything- from changes in labor market to demographic condition of the country. The President told at a meeting dedicated to the state program on socio-economic development of  Azerbaijani regions that  population growth in Azerbaijan and demographic condition is normal. Demographic growth means more people in labor market. Nevertheless, labor market is not able to provide new work places these employees. So, I think, employment concept must incorporate not only increase of new work places, as well as, issue of training of working staff with high quality and improvement of the unemployment benefit system. We have offered  a legislation on the formation of the unemployment insurance system for a long ago. Eventually the issue has come up the agenda. Unemployment benefit system will be realized with resources of State Social Protection Fund and State Employment Service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Nonetheless, this amount is so few that it is impossible to conduct a fair division.  Claimers are too many, but resources are too few. Consequently a proper  fond need to be established. Despite increase of work places in labor market over the last decade, the factor of unemployment is still an actual issue. 

There are pressures on the labor market in due to recent economic condition.  Although these are not total character, but, some job cuts are being done. The number of applicants to non-formal labor market, increased significantly in recent years. The head of state called not to cut off employees. 
"Mainly, growth of agrarian and non-oil  sector is predicted that near 15.000 new workplaces may be available. Additionally, the current workplaces must be  used effectively. Attention should be given to an education issue. Strengthening of vocational training is important by this term. Because of not adjusting vocational training we have to invite skilled workers from abroad. Currently, in Azerbajian the situation is not satisfactory in this field. Moreover, relation of higher education with production must be expanded. In world practice, a pupil graduating school has opportunity to choose two professions and start work immediately. The application of this system in Azerbaijan also should be preferred. Some works have to be done to ensure employment of persons with disabilities. Unemployment rate is not so high." 

Boundaries of informal labor market must be narrowed for restoring balance. Legislation, the introduction of tax incentives and so on ways, boundaries of informal labor market may be narrowed. If it would be followed firstly, then balance in labor market to be restored. 

Shabnam Mehdizadeh