Entrepreneurs will see positive results in a short time

Entrepreneurs will see positive results in a short time

08 February 2016, 16:59 810
"Establishment of the Appeals Council is the indicator of attention and care given by the president to the development of entrepreneurship in the last few years. If you have paid attention, most of the decrees he has signed recently are related to this issue and real economic reforms need to be implemented. A lot of work is being done for the development of small and medium enterprises. It means that the focus is on the development of the non-oil sector". Those statements were made by MP Musa Guliyev when he was commenting on the decree about the establishment of the Appeals Council under president Ilham Aliyev. He noted that, the council was established with the express purpose of ensuring multi-pillarism in reviewing the complaints of physical and legal persons who are entrepreneurs, improving the mechanism for submitting complaints about actions or lack thereof, and decisions taken by local authorities: "By signing the decree, "Charter on Appeals Council under the president of the republic of Azerbaijan" and "Composition of the Appeals Council under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan" were approved and the new working mechanism was formed. Naturally, the tasks of implementing important measures related to the arrangement of the activities of the council, adjusting president's acts in accordance with this decree were assigned to the Cabinet of Ministries. The activities of the Council are based on the rule of law, transparency, joint leadership, impartiality and the main goal is to prevent cases of corruption".  

MP said that there was a need for such an entity: "As you know, the activities of the council is closely coordinated with central and local authorities, local governments, as well as legal and physical individuals. I think everyone knows what is the intention here. The government tries to prevent decline in ensuring the social security, increasing transparency, fight against monopoly and corruption, and expands the scope of work carried out in this direction. The establishment of Appeals Council serves the purpose of creating equal conditions for local entrepreneurs, giving them proper support in the form of financial support, granting them loans and making certain concessions. The institution will also help find a market for entrepreneurs, make sure that government shows them unwavering support, and eliminate subjective obstacles in their ways.  These measures will generally ensure the protection and improvement of social welfare and contribute to reducing unemployment. In another word, economy of Azerbaijan, particularly the non oil sector will grow. This will also be important in transparent and democratic government formation. The Appeals Council will deal with the certain problems facing the entrepreneurs and will try to eliminate them and implement measures and I'm sure it will satisfy the business owners" 

MP Faraj Guliyev also stated that the decision by the president was timely and that entrepreneurs would be able to build their business in a more comfortable environment from now on: "It is known to everyone that president gives speeches and issues orders on this issue. I listen to his speeches attentively. Every time he gives messages about creating a free environment for entrepreneurs and signs important decrees on economic development". 

According to Guliyev, those reforms aren't only intended for development of entrepreneurship. Expansion of measures against corruption is also one of the goals: "President addresses the issue of corruption every time and he talks about implementing certain measures. There is the positive example of "ASAN service" in Azerbaijani practice. It means that, through reforms corruption can be eliminated. ASAN service has turned into a trend in the whole world. Because its effective results are obvious. I think the Appeals Council will become one of such examples. There is always a need for organizing public control in order to do certain things. In my opinion, this institution will also be successful. In general, the works being carried out cannot go uncontrolled. Because the mistakes that happened to this day happened due to the mistakes made by previous structures. That's why I approve the establishment of this institution. In my view, it is possible to get better results by working independently under the president. The modern times demand new approaches. We need a new approach with regard to economic reforms and the fight against corruption. We need to open a new page. This is why there was a need for such an institution. "

General director of "Turkish-American Medical Centre", board member of National Confederation of Entrepreneurs "Employers” Organization of Azerbaijan Ramiz Aliyev told us that the establishment of the Appeals Council would lead to regulating the conflicts and disagreements between the entrepreneurs and the government in a short time. According to him, it will facilitate the resolution of conflicts between businessmen and various government institutions: "The council will also help expand the protection of freedoms and rights of entrepreneurs". R. Aliyev also mentioned the measures taken to simplify the granting of licenses to entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan: "Permanent licenses are issued to us nowadays whereas in the past we would only receive them for the duration of five years". 

He added that, despite financial difficulties, their clinic has not raised the service prices: "To tell the truth, we were considering to increase our service fees after the economic events of the last year. All the equipments for our clinic is bought from abroad and we pay for them in foreign currency. But after the speech by the president on thinking about the people and need to overcome the difficulties together, we had a discussion and decided not to increase our service fees". 

Shafa Tapdig