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Elman Nasirov: Armenia’s attempt to give political tint to UEFA Europa League final failed

Elman Nasirov: Armenia’s attempt to give political tint to UEFA Europa League final failed
The Armenian lobby, entering into a state of "permanent insomnia" at the sight of progress in Azerbaijan, and political circles synchronously operating with them, first fall into a state of "political apathy", and then, in light of "mental delusions", attempt to accomplish their malicious goals, Elman Nasirov, a deputy from the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, told Trend.
According to Nasirov, the primary task of these forces, the success coefficient of which equals zero, was to tarnish the image of Azerbaijan, put pressure on the country, and provoke a boycott of an important international sporting event - the UEFA Europa League final.
"This time, their despicable intentions failed once again. The international football community took into account the bias of all the claims of these ill-wishers. Armenia’s attempt of politicizing this important sporting event failed miserably. The "Mkhitaryan Syndrome” has been a fiasco. The idea of Arsenal players to go to the training session before the game with the name of Mkhitaryan on their backs was strongly rejected by the UEFA leadership,” said the deputy.
Nasirov also noted that, in contrast to Armenia, Azerbaijan has won world fame for its sporting achievements, as the President of Azerbaijan has repeatedly stated.
"Azerbaijan is known in the world as a sports country, the country's success has been noted for several years. The head of state has repeatedly noted that Azerbaijan is very active in the international Olympic movement, and our country is highly respected. Holding international competitions in the country has become commonplace. The development of sport manifests itself in various ways. But the number of medals is, of course, the most important factor among them. As such, in 2010, our athletes won 675 medals at various international competitions, 206 of which were won in the Olympic sports," said the deputy.
Nasirov added that after the final game between Chelsea and Arsenal, the date of May 29 and the city of Baku will remain in history as the time and place where sport was not allowed to be turned into a political tool.



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