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Double standards against Azerbaijan- another attempt of anti-Azerbaijani forces in EP

Double standards against Azerbaijan- another attempt of anti-Azerbaijani forces in EP
The constructive economic and political ties between Azerbaijan and the EU, the development of these relations started to seriously worry the forces that don’t like Azerbaijan, which once again opposed the country from the position of double standards, Samad Seyidov, chairman of Azerbaijan's parliamentary committee on international relations and inter-parliamentary ties, told Trend Jan. 18.
Seyidov, who is also the head of the permanent delegation of Azerbaijan to PACE, was commenting on the resolution adopted by the European Parliament regarding Mehman Huseynov.
Seyidov noted that negotiations on the preparation of a comprehensive cooperation agreement between Azerbaijan and the EU are proceeding constructively.
"However, at the hearings on this issue, we saw that the discussions held by MEPs were aimed at the suspension of negotiations between Azerbaijan and the EU, the creation of all kinds of obstacles to this process and the removal of the issue from the agenda,” he said.
"This is an indicator of an open biased attitude to Azerbaijan, whereas there were a lot of problems that were expected to be discussed in the European Parliament, for example, the processes going on in France, which are enough for the European Parliament to start discussing them inside the EU. However, it is obvious that such a serious issue isn’t considered, while discussions on the unreasonable issues not reflecting the reality are organized.”
He added that these double standards are another attempt not by the European Parliament, but by anti-Azerbaijani forces within this structure.
"However, I am confident that this attempt will be unsuccessful as well, and the constructive cooperation of Azerbaijan with the EU and the Azerbaijani parliament with the European Parliament will continue,” said Seyidov.



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