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Deputy Chairperson: Armenia always laid claims to Azerbaijani lands

Deputy Chairperson: Armenia always laid claims to Azerbaijani lands
Armenia has always laid claims to the territory of Azerbaijan: it claimed Azerbaijani lands both during the times of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) and in the subsequent period, Bahar Muradova, Deputy Chairperson of the Azerbaijani Parliament, said during a meeting with members of the Youth Association of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, Trend reports.
The Deputy Chairperson noted that the pain and bitterness of the decision of the Azerbaijani National Council on the transfer of Irevan, which became the capital of Armenia, is still felt to this day.
"But despite this, the National Council did not play a big role in the history of the country. Its main task was to strengthen the defense capability and the liberation of Baku from Armenian occupation," she said.
The Deputy Chairperson recalled that the National Council was established on the basis of the Transcaucasian Seim.
"Despite the lack of a possibility of holding parliamentary elections, the National Council was expanded. As such, the parliament began its work on December 7, 1918 and made decisions crucial for the statehood of Azerbaijan."
Muradova added that the results of the First World War and the defeat of the Ottoman Empire contributed to the fall of the ADR.
"In Soviet times, decisions were made for abolishing the attributes of the ADR. Some of its founders were repressed, while some emigrated," she concluded.



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