Demolition of old buildings will beautify the capital

Demolition of old buildings will beautify the capital

18 February 2016, 16:48 1340
Two days ago Kemaleddin Heydarov, Minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan told at the meeting with entrepreneurs that a concept has been made regarding construction of new buildings instead of some old 5, 7 and 9-storey buildings in all nine micro districts of Baku city: "Residents of these buildings will be moved to new apartments. Thanks to the additional areas in the new buildings, the construction companies will be able to recover the costs and get benefit. the Ministry of Emergency Situations  also will provide support to those  construction companies.
As it can be seen, demolition of old buildings and construction of new ones is not short –term project. What must be considered while implementing this project ? How will impact implementation of the project  to the construction market ? 

Construction of stone buildings will be convenient

Head of Association of Independent Architects, Zemfira Budagova told " Kaspi” while commenting on the issue that she made such  proposal a few years ago: " Some years ago I shared my thoughts on this issue at a conference titled " Baku and its problems”  and proposed demolition of old buildings in micro-districts. Panel apartments negatively impacts our health. People living in panel apartments  confront  diseases  as rheumatism, nervous disorders more than others. I offered to demolish those buildings and construct frame buildings. Z. Budagova noted that, the projects should be implemented systematically for forestalling possible problems that people could face. Residents of demolished buildings were offered compensation per square meter and they could solve their apartment problem. But here they will get new apartments in place of the old ones. 

The capital city will beautify

According to Ramil Osmanli, an expert of the Center for Real Estate,  in the present circumstances  the project is very useful   in terms of  infrastructure renewal and flourishing the  capital. There are too many old  2 and 3-storey buildings ended  the period of operation in the center and edges of Baku. It damages  appearance of the city. On the other hand, from 2011 to 2015, a commission  was established under Urban Planning and Architecture Committee, due to preparation of a regional development plan of Baku. The commission has concluded its work and presented the Baku Regional Development Plan to  the Cabinet of Ministers. However, the Cabinet of Ministers has not made any decision on the plan yet. Compatibility of the current  concept with the regional development plan should be found out. This will beautify the aesthetic appearance  of the city. But rules and requirements of urban planning has to be followed. 

R. Osmanli told that the mentioned residential buildings located in nine micro districts of Baku city take about  20 % of the city’s general housing fund. Implementation of this project requires large funds: " As, demolition and infrastructure work in those areas will be conducted by the state funds”. There is an issue of attraction domestic and foreign investors. However  reinstatement of infrastructure will be realized by the state. In this case, the state’s expenses for realization of the concept must be determined. 

Liveliness in the construction market will increase

R.Osmanli also stressed that such projects increase activity in the construction market : " Looking through statistics of 2013-2014 years, we may notice that 4mlrd manat was spent for planning and infrastructure projects within two years. During this period, real estate prices increased  fantastically in Baku. Today we observe opposite of it. For  increasing activity in this area there is a need to simplify rules on permissions given to construction companies: "Those steps to be realized in accordance with fulfilment of the tasks given by President Ilham Aliyev at the meeting. According to expert, those projects are expected to increase investments. Even, foreign investments in this field is available. 
A leading expert of the department of Public Relations of "Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation" OJSC, Behruz Aliyev deems that the above-mentioned concept is commendable. Here demolition and reconstruction zones is particularly important in determining the appropriate choice. Moreover  the concept will provide new jobs.

Prices will fall 

Note that, during a meeting with heads of construction companies it was noted that negative cases will be completely overcome. Establishment of suitable condition is expected after implementataion of those goals. Thus, news on falling of housing prices by half is reported. 
Employees of  "Qafqazinfo” visited some points of sale in Narimanov district of Baku city to meet the current state of real estate sales. Brokers positively assessed taken steps for  increasing  the purchasing power of people. While some brokers noted reduction on prices, however some of them predicted price increase  in the near future. 
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