Demand for women’s rights, or implementation of LGBT program?

Demand for women’s rights, or implementation of LGBT program?

12 March 2019, 16:40 409

Azerbaijan has always attached special importance to women's rights. It was the same 100 years ago - in the period of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR), which was first established in the East. In contrast to some western countries, the right to vote was granted to women in the period of ADR. After Azerbaijan gained its independence, a legislative framework on women's rights was created and improved, and a large number of non-governmental organizations were established. Therefore, a feminist rally on March 8 International Women's Day have caused surprise in Baku. It is no coincidence that the rally is held in several countries. The slogans that served the same interest as the order of a center also confirmed that this action was an integral part of the "propaganda" against Azerbaijan. What is the purpose of holding a rally on the violation of women's rights while they are in the spotlight in Azerbaijan?

In his statement to Kaspi, MP Sahib Aliyevsaid that the issue is not only about women's rights. "Unfortunately, there is no doubt that not those who really wish for great progress in this area, but those who do not, exaggerate the cases of violation of human rights, including women's rights and freedom of speech in Azerbaijan. I think that they are mediators in Armenia’s hybrid war against Azerbaijan. At present Armenia has no military, economic, nor political resources to occupy Nagorno-Karabakh and its surrounding regions. Its geopolitical resources are almost exhausted. They have only one opinion and try to show that there is an anti-democratic power, no freedom of speech, human and women's rights are violated in Azerbaijan, and so on. They state that there is a very democratic mood in both the separatist regime and Armenia, and it is impossible to live within Azerbaijan because of this so-called reason,” the MP said.

According to Aliyev, some people in Azerbaijan deliberately join these games. "However, some of them become tools unconsciously. Among participants of the March 8 rally, there was a person who called our National Hero, our martyr Mubariz Ibrahimov a killer. Therefore, identities and purposes of the rally participants are obvious. As for the issue of women's rights, I think that as it was 100 years ago, Azerbaijan is still an example for many Western countries on this issue. 100 years ago, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic gave women the right to vote. I think there are a lot of examples. Everyone is able to observe online what's happening in the world and is aware of everything well,” he noted.

Lawyer Sahib Mammadov said that there are problems with women’s rights all over the world, and therefore the UN established the International Women's Day in 1975. "The goal is to overcome the problems of women, and some campaigns are being implemented in this direction. Moreover, the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women was adopted and Azerbaijan is a member of this. We even have a State Committee on Family, Women and Children Issues. Regarding the recent rally on women's rights, I would say it's normal if there were no certain forces standing behind it. In fact, the LGBT Program, the association that protects the rights of sexual minorities, organizes these rallies. However, organizers support the feminists rather than sexual minorities. In fact, feminism and menism are a matter of discrimination and are not accepted in the world. Holding of such rallies on March 8 goes beyond the limitations of a democratic society and contradicts the morality, ethics and family values ​​of Azerbaijan. From this point of view, I do not accept such rallies and actions held under that flag," he noted.

The lawyer added that such actions are a project, and a large amount of funds are allocated for this purpose. "These actions were prevented in such CIS countries as Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine. A reverse rally was held in Kiev. The aim of feminist rallies is to dispel family values and to implement the LGBT program. This is considered to be a step against the state as well," Mammadov said.