“Bloody January” on world media

“Bloody January” on world media

22 January 2016, 15:27 1414
The world media has been writing on Azerbaijani Nation’s  tragedy for the years, and  it has been declared as a heroic page of the struggle of our nation for the freedom. 

Specially the Turkish media was active on this issue. These days many of Turkish mass media published articles on the massacre.  

A newspaper "Haberturk” published an article headlined "Azerbaijan commemorates Bloody January”.  The victims of "Bloody January” turned into the symbol of the independence of Azerbaijan were commemorated: " 20 January is not  a day of Azerbaijani nation’s history,  remembered only with pain. 20th January 1990 went down in the history of modern Azerbaijan as one of the most tragic and at the same time, heroic dates for our people.  Azerbaijani People  have been visiting the Alley of Martyrs since early hours of January 20 to pay tribute to Azerbaijan`s valiant sons and daughters. People  holding Azerbaijani flags in their hands laid carnations at graves of martyrs. A long queue of citizens come from Baku and regions was formed outside the Alley of Martyrs. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his wife Mehriban Aliyeva have visited the Alley of Martyrs to pay tribute to the victims of the Bloody January tragedy. The national anthem of Azerbaijan was played at the official ceremony held at the Alley of Martyrs. President Ilham Aliyev laid a wreath at the "Eternal Flame" memorial. Relatives of  20 January victims also pay tribute to the martyrs.” said in the article. 

 "Yeni cağ” newspaper  published  an article of Faig Baghirov, Azerbaijani ambassador  to Turkey titled "26th anniversary of the January tragedy”.
"20 January 1990 went down in the history of modern Azerbaijan as one of the most tragic and, at the same time, heroic dates for our people. This date has become a symbol of the struggle for national independence, freedom and unshakeable will. The people of Azerbaijan, subjected to punitive measures of the armed-to-the-teeth Soviet army, did not lose their aspiration to freedom. On the contrary, their voices grew even stronger. On that horrific night, the courageous sons and daughters of Azerbaijan for whom the freedom, honor and dignity of their native country and people were above anything else, sacrificed their lives and became martyrs."

A newspaper of "Yeni Şafak” also issued an article headlined "Azerbaijan commemorates Bloody January victims”. Attendance of  Azerbaijani Presdient Ilham Aliyev at the ceremony was specially highlighted in the article: " Commemoration ceremonies were held by Azerbaijani embassies in foreign countries and diplomatic communities for getting attention of world community to this tragedy.”
Moreover, in the article titled "Russian massacre” turns history” article published by "Yeni akit” was given an objective assessment to the tragedy. 

 A Turkish newspaper "Zaman” published an article headlined " Pains of Azerbaijan commemorated for 26 years as the first day”. 
"Pains of  bloody tragedies committed by Mikhail Gorbachov 26 years ago has been remaining. A state-wide moment of silence was observed for the Black January victims at 12:00 (local time) across Azerbaijan. Thousands of people pay tribute to martyrs at the Alleys of Honors.” the article says. 

In the article published by a Lithuanian newspaper "Lietuvos Rytas” Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Lithuania, Hasan Mammadzadeh spoke about the tragedy: "However, a scale of tragedy is large, but essense of the tragedy has remained immutably. The authors, customers, executors and purposes were completely the same. Devastating USSR and the head of it M.Gorbachov were trying to  suppress people’s independence claims. In the first years, this day was commemorated sorrowfully, even now January 20 remembered in this way. Nevertheless, now this day offered to be remembered as a day of heroism. Looking up the history, we can see that not all 15 Soviet Republics got their independences by this way. Not all of them  struggled for their independence  as Lithuanians and Azerbaijanis. Some got independence as a gift. For this reason I deem that January 13, 1991 and January 20, 1990 may be named the Victory day. 

The Russian newspaper "Novıe İzvestiya” isued an article titled "To remember January”. "Azerbaijan is commemorating the victims of militray operations against civilians 26 years ago.  Bloody incidents left 137 dead. Most of people call  this incident as the significant day in national understanding process of new Azerbaijan.”