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Azerbaijan's SME Development Agency sends local entrepreneurs to Germany

Azerbaijan's SME Development Agency sends local entrepreneurs to Germany
The Agency for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) under the Azerbaijani Ministry of Economy has sent 18 entrepreneurs and managers to Germany to undergo training and gain work practice, Trendreports referring to the agency.
A group of entrepreneurs and managers working in the fields of tourism, transport, construction, ICT, economy, etc., has been sent to the city of Heidelberg as part of the German-Azerbaijani joint program to increase the specialty of managers.
The group will undergo training and gain work practice in German enterprises operating in various fields in the Educational Center "AHP-International" from June 11 to July 6.
It is planned to establish business contacts and organize meetings with German companies during the trainings for expanding ties.
Some 17 entrepreneurs and managers of the agrarian sector took courses in specialization from March 25 to April 19 of this year as part of the aforementioned program. Since 2009, as the program began to be implemented, more than 400 entrepreneurs and managers have underwent trainings and gained work practice in Germany.



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