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Azerbaijan's reservoirs getting polluted with wastewater from Armenia

Azerbaijan's reservoirs getting polluted with wastewater from Armenia
Azerbaijan's National Department of Environmental Monitoring under the Azerbaijani Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources conducted regular inspections in September 2019 to determine the state of pollution of the transboundary rivers of Kura and Araz, as well as their tributaries, expert Gulnara Abbasova told Trend.
According to her, the monitoring shows that wastewater of domestic and industrial origin is discharged into these reservoirs from the territories of Armenia and Georgia, which are located upstream. Wastewater is discharged without proper treatment, and more often, without treatment at all. This results in the level of harmful substances in the water exceeding sanitary environmental standards.

According to Abbasova, it was found that the number of specific pollutants is above the norm in the Aghstafa, Aghstafachay and Shikhli-2 reservoirs of the basin of the Kura River, as well as in the settlements of Horadiz, Bahramtepe and Birinji Shahsevan located along the Araz River. The oxygen regime of water at all points varies from 4.9 to 6.9 milligrams per liter.



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