Azerbaijani president’s decree to put an end to “perennial problem”

Azerbaijani president’s decree to put an end to “perennial problem”

21 February 2019, 15:38 292

President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree on simplifying the issuance of permits for the operation of a number of multi-apartment buildings. The decree aims to optimize the procedure and timing for the issuance of permits for the operation of some multi-apartment residential buildings, to ensure the transparency and citizen satisfaction in this area, taking into consideration the interests of the residents of multi-apartment buildings and the principles of humanism, which constitute the basis of Azerbaijan's social policy. Under this decree, the procedure of issuing permits for the operation of multi-apartment residential buildings (multi-apartment residential buildings complexes), which completed the construction and installation works, including the construction of all floors, side walls and roofing by January 1, 2019, was simplified.


The decree notes that increasing the living standards and social welfare of the population in Azerbaijan is one of the main priorities of the state policy. In accordance with the concept of socio-economic development of the country, purposeful and systematic measures aimed at improving the living conditions of Azerbaijani citizens are underway. Significant growth has been observed in all sectors of the Azerbaijani economy, including the construction sector, and most of the investment in urban development and construction has been focused on the construction of multi-apartment residential buildings. However, during the past period, construction work in some multi-apartment buildings have been carried out without complying with the requirements of urban planning legislation or with serious flaws in documentation. This, in some cases, made it impossible to formalize the buildings.


MP Azer Badamov noted that all decrees and orders recently signed serve to improve the well-being of the Azerbaijani people. "The decree will solve the problem of obtaining excerpts for the apartments, which is very disturbing the population. People living in hundreds of multi-apartment buildings could not have legal ownership of their apartment and could not be registered at their place of residence due to certain reasons. It had a number of difficulties in the field of property and always worried citizens. All the shortcomings will be resolved by the relevant decree of the President. By giving instructions to the relevant agencies on the commissioning of all multi-apartment buildings that were completed by January 1, 2019, and on issuing excerpts for these buildings, the head of state proved that he always stands by his people. It once again shows that the basis of state policy is the citizen's welfare," the MP said.


"President’s decree on simplifying the issuance of permits for the operation of a number of multi-apartment buildings is a revolutionary innovation in this area. This decree can be called an architectural amnesty in the construction of multi-apartment buildings," Elkhan Asadov, Deputy head of the State Agency for Construction Security Control of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, told AZERTAC.


According to Asadov, large-scale work in this direction after the start of the construction boom in Azerbaijan resulted in some difficulties in ensuring construction control as well as issuing appropriate permits. "As a result, despite the completion of the construction and settlement of residents, there was not enough unlicensed buildings in the republic, and especially in Baku. Residents of those buildings could not obtain excerpts for the apartments they live in, which violated their property rights. They were officially not entitled to their apartments. As a result, these people could not afford property taxes to the state and municipalities,” he said.

Noting that the decree envisages immediate solution of issues reflected, the deputy head said that implementation of relevant work has been started. He pointed out that the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture, local executive authorities will provide the necessary documents for the operation of these buildings based on the feedback of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. "After that, citizens will be able to receive excerpts for their apartments soon. Thus property rights of residents will be provided shortly. The main advantage of this decree is that residents or apartment building cooperatives will not apply for obtaining relevant documents. Citizens will be able to receive them after relevant government agencies prepare the necessary documents," added Asadov.

In his statement to Kaspi, property expert Nusret Ibrahimli said that the signing of this decree is long-awaited and will solve a number of social and economic problems. "This decree has many advantages. Such steps taken in the field of real estate are welcomed. The signing of the decree will ensure the rights of owners. It will also eliminate the problem of fraud in the real estate sector, ie the sale of a house to several people. On the other hand, the economic significance of the decree, its benefit for the country is great. Thus, the registration of apartments and properties will increase the state budget revenues. If people were required to pay for changing the contract during the sale of unregistered subjects so far, now these funds will be included in the state budget in the form of taxes. On the other hand, notary transactions such as donation, inheritance, pledge on these properties and apartments will be officially carried out, which will also increase the amount of state budget revenues. The decree also has a great importance in managing the apartments. So far, very serious problems among the Housing Construction Cooperative authorities and citizens have proven themselves. Usually it is difficult to gather citizens together. One or two citizens were unable to fight because of the lack of ownership documents. However, the decree will further prevent such cases. In other words, the recognition of citizens' right of ownership, effective struggle within the framework of the law in case of violation of this right and so on will be solved,” the expert noted.

Member of the Political Council of the New Azerbaijan Party, editor-in-chief of Iki Sahil newspaper, Vugar Rahimzade, said that the decree will put and end to unsolved perennial problem. "Today, the construction sector, as well as all spheres of economy, is developing in Azerbaijan. In Baku, residential and other buildings are being constructed in accordance with architectural style combining ancient and modernity. At the same time, construction work in the regions can be characterized as an important component of general development. Naturally, the purpose of development of this sector is to improve people's social welfare. Azerbaijani President's decree on simplifying the issuance of permits for the operation of a number of multi-apartment buildings has caused joy in tens of thousands of families. There will be no more unlicensed and unregistered buildings. Undoubtedly, this important document will solve the problem of many people," he said.

Gunel Azade