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Azerbaijani official: Armenia’s foreign policy at zero

Azerbaijani official: Armenia’s foreign policy at zero
Armenia still depends on other country despite it declared itself independent, said Siyavush Novruzov, Chairman of the Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations of the Azerbaijani parliament.
Novruzov made the remarks in Baku at the meeting with members of the Youth Association of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, Trend reports on May 24.
"Armenia can act independently in neither domestic nor foreign policy,” he said. "According to researches, more than 100,000 people leave Armenia annually. The enterprises and organizations do not operate in the country. There is confrontation in its political leadership. Even one percent of promises that were made before the presidential election has not been fulfilled and will not be fulfilled.”
Novruzov stressed that there are no professional politicians in Armenia.
"The issues are not to be solved through populism. It is necessary to carry out the real work," he said. "In different countries Pashinyan voices different opinions. Therefore, Armenia’s foreign policy is at zero."
Novruzov added that the situation in the Armenian army leaves much to be desired.
"The Armenian army is full of deserters,” he said. "Parents do not want their children to serve in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. So, Armenia’s policy has completely failed."



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