Azerbaijani modern tech product- Reportage

Azerbaijani modern tech product- Reportage

05 February 2016, 17:44 905
Enterpreneurs always got comprehensive state support by the government for growth of non-oil sectorpreferential loans were given for foundation of new enterprises  and other numerous steps were taken.  Orders issued by President Ilham Aliyev for establishment of technology parks,  opening of modern production sites in the non-oil sector gave an opportunity to strengthen Azerbaijan's economy and produce competative and high-quality goods. 

Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP)   is  an example for it. The tecnopark was founded after Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s order signed on December 21, 2011. The head of state attended in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Park on Oct 3, 2013. An initial investor of the Park was "AzerTechnoLine" Limited Liability Company. Currently, three plants run in the technopark. One of them is Steel Pipe Plant.
Yesterday, we visited the plant to meet production process, types of products, as well as working condition of employees. 

Note that, Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP) is located on the edge of Baku-Guba highway. The Steel Pipe Plant produces stitch steel pipes. Three lines have been installed at the plant, with an area of 27 thousand square meters of closed production lines. 350 people have been provided with permanent job at the plant.

Mustafa Ibrahimov, a health, safety and environment manager of the plant informed us about products of the plant, as wel as, about production process: "At the preliminary stage, 30 tons of rolls, bought as raw material are automatically tied to spiral welded apparatus. Then the rolls are given for folding after opening and ironing. After welding pipe passes through a special examination. At next stage, pipes are checked through hydrotest. 

In general, pipes are being tested on a regular basis along the production line. Automated plasma machine cuts finished good in a standart size or in a size according to customer requirement. 

While strolling through factory’s production field with the manager, we noticed seriously following safety rules at the factory.  Everyone has to wear a helmet, even ones who have permission to enter the production field. Moreover, each one must follow instructions seriously in due to provide personal  and other employees' securities. 

I and the factory's manager wore helmets to meet closely with work process. At the same time, we talked with some employees. A welder, Elshad Muradov told that he was responsible for initial manufacturing process of pipes.  Despite his hard and answerable job Elshad Muradov highlighted that he worked enthusiastically and  did not get tired of  his job. He stressed that launch of such factories helps to solve unemployment problem and growth of economy. 

A quality control engineer, Javid Hajizadeh spoke to us. After gradiuation from  Khazar University, he has been working here for 2 years.  Javid exspressed that the factory played a great role in his formation as  professional staff. He controls reception of raw material, certain stages of manifacturing and supervision for quality: "Each detail has been organized at a high level and it allows us to supervise all process.” 
We try to cope demands of domestic and foreign market by producing goods with high standarts. We purchase raw material for pipes from Russia. 

During talking with a labaratory engineer of "AzerTechnoLine", Mammad Hasanov, he gave information about activity of the factory's labaratory: "Taken samples from pipes are tested here. Raw material also is tested in the labarotory." 

After familiarization with the factory and its staff,  we have assured once more that launch of such enterprises accelerates progress of industry and provides growth of economic processes in Azerbaijan. Export of high quality goods manufactured in Azerbaijan will bring large profit to our country. Finally, all these steps positively impact on reducing of unemployment, growth of professional skills of staff and improvement of social welfare of citizens