“Azerbaijani-Israeli relations are welcomed in Palestine too”

“Azerbaijani-Israeli relations are welcomed in Palestine too”

19 December 2016, 18:06 8575
Recently Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid an official visit to Azerbaijan. During the visit he held one by one meeting with President of Azerbaijan Ilham  Aliyev and some agreements were signed between the two countries. There was great interest for this visit. On the eve of such a remarkable visit some unpleasent news revealed in the Middle East.  7 months ago Palmira the city of Syria which was liberated from ISIL with support  of  Russia was captured again by terrorists.  After incidents occurred in Aleppo the Western countries condemned Russia in their statements. On December 27, Turkish, Russian, Iranian officials are expected to meet in Moscow and start  trilateral negotiations on Syrian issue.  
Chairman  of Democratic Reforms Party, MP Asim Mollazade  has answered questions of "Kaspi” on these processes. 

-Prime Minister of  Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu  paid an official visit to Azerbaijan and held significant meetings in Azerbaijan, as well as, made some statements at the press conference. How do you assess the visit? 

- Israeli Prime Minister's  visit to Azerbaijan shows high level relations and cooperation between the two countries. There are close relations in various fields as security, economic, humanitarian, trade, agriculture between Azerbaijan and Israel. Moreover, multiculturalism , dialogue among civilizations, tolerance, the historical relations between Azerbaijan and Israel are highly assessed. In parallel with the cooperation in different directions,  historical ties between our nations are the most important reason for development of the relations. Historically, Jews living in Azerbaijan are represented in various fields of the country. The tradition has been continued so far. Azerbaijani Jews are free on living in Israel that is a very positive point. Warm relations between our societies maintain better relations between the countries too and  gives a message to the world about tolerance, coexistence, multiculturalism and peace . 

-The visit of  Benjamin Netanyahu to Azerbaijan made Armenia and Iran worry. In your opinion, is there any basis for trouble ? How far are  these blames and criticism fair ? 

-Azerbaijan’s high-ranking officials have repeatedly stated over this issue and I suppose Azerbaijani-Israeli relations won’t directed against any country. Azerbaijan is a country, being in war condition, more than 20 percent of its lands have been occupied by Armenia, more than 1 million Azerbaijanis have become refugees and IDPs.  From this aspect, it is understandable Azerbaijan’s further strengthening its Army’s  material and technical supply in the context of  the relations with Israel as well as Armenia’s anxiety on this issue is clear. As, if peace negotiations are fruitless and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is not solved via talks process , sooner or later Azerbaijan will ensure its territorial integrity by using of military capabilities. This is Azerbaijan's sovereign right. The enemy clearly knows it so  Armenia worries about Israeli –Azerbaijani relations, further development of Azerbaijani Army. However, Iran’s trouble with development of relations between Azerbaijan and Israel is not easy to understand. As President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev noted that  Azerbaijan has no intention to violate any country’s sovereignity and completely respects  territorial sovereignity of  its neighbouring  countries. Azerbaijan only wants to restore its territorial integrity through principles of international law and liberate its lands from the occupation.  I suppose Iran’s concern with Azerbaijani-Israeli relations is about Armenia, which Iranian MPs call Armenia and Iran one nation two states. It is not secret that Iran is the country giving the greatest support for Armenia in the region.  In fact,  Russia has privatized Armenia and seized its economy, military and the country become outpost of Russia. Whereas Iran provides Armenia with oil, product, energy and so on. Consequently, Iran worries about cooperation of Azerbaijan and Israel. As we know, Azerbaijan is able to destroy Armenia’s positions and prevent any sabotage of Armenia by modern weapons. Naturally,  Iran concerns with it. However, Iran claims that relations with Armenia are based only on neighbouring relations and state interests, at the same time basing Palestinian-Israeli relations blames Azerbaijan for not demonstrating Muslim solidarity. 
If an issue is the Muslim solidarity then, logically, to demonstrate the Muslim solidarity Iran had to condemn Armenia for occupation Azerbaijan’s lands, committing massacre against Azerbaijanis, making one million of Azerbaijanis fled their homes and conducting ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis but regretfully, Iran has not act properly in this issue. 

-How can Israeli-Azerbaijani relations  have impact on resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the frame of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan?
-Azerbaijani-Israeli relations plays remarkable role in promotion of Azerbajani realities to the world community. It is not secret that today Jewish lobby has great power in the world. By using opportunities of Jewish communities in different countries  we may promote realities and injustices against our country to the international community. For instance, today information about Khojaly massacre, crimes committed against people are published in the USA via Jewish information resources. Consequently,  crimes committed against Azerbaijan by Armenia and its genocide policy are delivered to to the international community and a joint struggle against Armenian lies is conducted. Naturally, it helps to promote about realities of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict among foreign citizens through those information resources. 
-It was said that during the visit of Israeli Premier one of the main issues to be discussed will be Palestine-Israeli conflict. What contribution can Azerbaijan an Islamic state give to solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? 

-Azerbaijan is interested in providing peace in the Middle East and our region. From this point, Azerbaijan has had high level relations with Palestine too. In fact, Azerbaijani-Israeli relations  are welcomed in Palestine too. I remember the historical visit of Mahmoud Abbas to Azerbaijan. At the meetings I held with Palestinian officials they share positive impressions about Azerbaijan. There is not any negative approach towards Azerbaijani-Israeli relations. On the contrary, they maintain these relations.