Azerbaijani Defense Ministry shows music video

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry shows music video "Victorious Commander"

24 December 2020, 19:09 137
Along with other factors, military marches and patriotic songs play an important role in enhancing the fighting spirit and morale and psychological training of the personnel of the Azerbaijani troops, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told Trend on Dec. 24.
Military marches and songs written both before and during the war by outstanding composers, People's Artists Faig Sujaddinov, Eldar Mansurov, Honored Artists Govkhar Hasanzade and Azad Zahid by using the words of Honored Art Figure, grantee of the personal pension by the Azerbaijani president, Colonel Abdulla Gurbani, were perceived by the personnel with great interest and enthusiasm.

"Another music video prepared by the Center for Documentary and Educational Films of the Azerbaijani troops for the song "Victorious Commander" (music: Eldar Mansurov, words: Abdulla Gurbani) performed by the virtuoso performer of patriotic songs, People's Artist Mubariz Taghiyev is available," the ministry said.