Azerbaijan managed to restore relations with the West

Azerbaijan managed to restore relations with the West

10 June 2016, 14:36 7145
These days Azerbaijani President paid a visit to Germany. The head of state met with high ranking officials, as well as, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. President Aliyev attended Azerbaijani-German Economic Forum in the frame of the visit. Before the visit XXIII International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition held in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. On this occasion, President of US, Barack Obama, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron sent congratulatory letters. They highlight a very important role of Azerbaijan in the global energy supply, also development of bilateral  relations between the countries. Besides, Azerbaijan is improving its relations with France, one of the leading European countries. Chairman of Democratic Reforms Party (DRP), MP of the Milli Mejlis, member of Committee on International Relations and Inter-Parliamentary Relations Asim Mollazade answered questions” of "Kaspi" about Azerbaijani President’s visit to Germany, realization of large economic projects with the participation of Azerbaijan in the region and so on.

-In recent years the level of cooperation and partnership of Azerbaijan with the Western countries exceeds closer relations.
  -Azerbaijan has always been interested in establishing of normal relations  with the Western countries, including the U.S and EU countries. Simply, highly organized Armenian Diaspora organizations and some forces standing behind them started to conduct an information war and propoganda against Azerbaijan. 
Libelous information against Azerbaijan spread via media outlets  and the politicians who are under the influence of those circles. They intended to isolate Azerbaijan from the international community and damage Azerbaijan -the West relations. Describing Azerbaijan as a barbaric Muslim Turkic state they wanted to justify Nagorno-Karabakh's "independence" and  Armenia's aggressive policy. However through proper foreign policy and diplomatic steps Azerbaijan has managed to overcome the information war against our country. In this case, the West began to comprehend better their own interests. Proper processes kicked off in the US and EU countries in order to develop relations with Azerbaijan. If we make a detailed analysis of all these, we may say with confidence that Azerbaijan has won the information war carried out by Armenian forces against our country. Consequently, Azerbaijan could successfully restore relations with the West. 

-May any specific interest stand behind attempts due  to improve relations with Azerbaijan by the western countries? 

-There are several areas of interest. Firstly, Azerbaijan has taken an active part in anti-terror coalition along with the US and NATO countries. As a country suffering from terrorism, Azerbaijan gave its support to states in combating terrorism. The collaboraton in security sphere is very important. Moreover Azerbaijan plays a significant role in European energy security. Azerbaijan managed to provide the balance of its foreign policy and improve the relations. In other hand, one of starategic steps of Azerbaijan was realization of works due to restore of the historic Silk Road between East and West. 
Another reason for the development of relations with Azerbaijan is values of our people preserved for centuries, mutual respect of civilizations for each other. It is not accidental that the year 2016 was declared the Year of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan.
While  Xenophobia, antiseminitizm, Islamophobia rising in some areas of the world people with different cultures, religions and  ethnic groups live peacefully and on the basis of mutual respect in Azerbaijan. Besides, Azerbaijan does not content itself with the East-West Corridor, at the same time  tries to form the North-South transport corridor. Azerbaijan is becoming the transport hub as a result of establishment of Iran-Azerbaijan-Russia corridor and increase in its importance as a transit country. We are in favor of cooperation in the region and in this context the formation of the general public interest.

-Recently, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev paid a working visit to Germany. How do you assess the visit, meetings and discussions held there? 

- I highly appreciate the visit. Taking into account that Germany is a country chairing the OSCE,  in the frame of the visit Azerbaijani President delivered  to Europe the principles of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Armenia's non-constructive and aggressive policy. Moreover, during the meeting President Ilham Aliyev highlighted collaboration opportunities with EU countries in the field of economy and trade. We find Germany and other EU countries as serious partners in diversifying our economy as well as, growth of  non-oil sector, attraction of foreign investments

-During Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s visit to Germany, Angela  Merkel, German Chancellor said that Russia played a key role in the settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict. What does the statement of official representative of OSCE chairing state denotes ?
 -Special relations between Russia and Germany stands behind this statement.  Unlike a number of European and NATO countries Germany has a very serious economic and political relations with Russia. The statement made by Angela Merkel is about close relations between Russia and Germany.