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Anti-Azerbaijani campaigns are directed by one and the same center

Anti-Azerbaijani campaigns are directed by one and the same center
According to MPs, foreign and internal malicious elements who hardly acknowledge Azerbaijan’s achievements have serious concerns

Over the past 15 years, Azerbaijan has gained an economically strong, self-sustaining, competitive state reputation. Implementation  of significant  transnational energy and transport projects has further boosted  Azerbaijan's strategic position. Azerbaijan has been the initiator and active participant of several regional formats, founder  of co-operation relations based on mutual interests  with the world's leading power centers, neighboring countries.

Furthermore, Azerbaijan has strategic partnership relations with some  European Union countries. Preparation of a strategic partnership agreement between the European Union and Azerbaijan has already entered the final stage. At the same time, this year Azerbaijan will chair the Non-Aligned Movement (NOM) involving more than 120 countries around the world.

In addition to the foreign policy led by  President Ilham Aliyev, domestic policy, in particular the important steps taken in the social sphere, are welcomed and fully supported by our citizens. The results of the survey conducted by Opinion Way, France, have once again proved this.

However,  it is a fact that transformation of our country into a worthy member of the international community and  its rising influence as a powerful state of the region concern  Armenia, the Armenian lobby in the world and forces under their influence. These forces, carry out campaigns against our country through various means, including the 5th column. Trensparency International, Amnesty International, OCCRP and other institutions disseminate false, slanderous, information about our country, the head of state and his family.

MP, political analyst  Hikmat Babaoghlu said in his statement to our newspaper that in recent days  international anti-Azerbaijani network has been reactivated and launched a campaign against the country: "In 2019, Azerbaijan will complete a number of important international projects, sign important agreements, provide further growth of the national economy on the basis of reforms implemented in recent years, and attempt to achieve resolution of Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict through its international prestige. Paramount achievements reached by Azerbaijan within the current  complex international and regional conditions seriously disturb the anti-Azerbaijani centers beyond doubt. Attracting  the 5th column and other anti-Azerbaijani forces, the global network is doing its best to harm inetrnational reputation of Azerbaijan," he added. 

Member of Milli Mejlis, political scientist Elman Nasirov, said  "Kaspi” newspaper that global  anti-Azerbaijani circles and elements have revived:"They are perturbed by transformation of Azerbaijan to powerful state leading   independent policy , hosting numerous global events, as well as, accomplishment of  the Southern Gas Corridor, a strategic partnership agreement between Azerbaijan and the European Union,  chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement by Azerbaijan and etc. However,  these elements should not forget that  no force can divert our country from its right path. Azerbaijani People unanimously support President Ilham Aliyev. The president leads  an independent policy based on  the national interest of the Azerbaijani people, but not interests of foreign circles.   This is a crucial factor that makes the nation-power unity stronger," Nasirov stressed. 

Rufik Ismayilov



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