“An entrepreneur must be interested in insuring his goods”

“An entrepreneur must be interested in insuring his goods”

01 April 2019, 18:07 2202
On March, a fire broke out at "Diglas” shopping mall in Nizami district, Baku. Adjacent buildings to the shopping mall also burned. As a result the enterpreneurs who used to work there sustained material damage. After the incident, the relevant government  agencies fulfilled their duties and held meetings with the entrepreneurs. It was noted that the issue is under the personal control of President Ilham Aliyev, and the head of state gave relevant instructions on payment of financial aid for each citizen.
On March 28, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev chaired a meeting over a fire that occurred in a shopping center in Nizami district, Baku. The head of state gave relevant tasks to heads of executive bodies.  Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree  on the creation of a commission in connection with the fire that occurred in the Diglas shopping centre in Nizami district of Baku.
The President instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to establish the commission in order to investigate the causes and eliminate the consequences of the fire. The Cabinet of the Ministers was also tasked to inform the President about the progress of work of the commission on a regular basis. Following that Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Novruz Mammadov signed an order on the establishment of a commission in connection with the fire in the Diglas shopping centre. President Ilham Aliyev ordered to allocate initially 3 million manat to entrepreneurs who suffered from the fire in the Diglas shopping center. Funds will be allocated from the Presidential Reserve Fund.

Member of Milli Mejlis Tahir Mirkishili answered the questions of  "Kaspi” newspaper on the issue.
  -How do you assess the measures taken after the incident ?
- Fire in the Diglas shopping centre and material damage is a business between people who own (owner) or rent property (renter). From the legal and economic aspects, the state has no any responsibility in this issue. In accordance with the law, investigation has been started immediately after the incident.  However, the reality is that the renters suffered substantial material damage as a result of the fire. After extinguishing the fire in the shopping center, the entrepreneurs were received at the Nizami District Executive Authority, their suggestions were heard and reported to the President Additionally, entrepreneurs themselves have appealed to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev through social networks, using the internet and media freedom in Azerbaijan. It should be taken into consideration  that the head of state has always heard the people and an Azerbaijani citizen stands  in the center of the policy pursued in the country.  The state and its  leader stand by  its citizen at any event. President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly proved it through his steps.  During  the Kur River floods, earthquake in Zagatala, Aghsu, Ismayilli, Shamakhi regions and other emergency incidents, President Ilham Aliyev immediately visited the scene, got acquainted with the area, met with the victims, listened to them and gave relevant instructions maintaining citizens. After a while, the head of state revisits the area where the incident occured and familiarizes the works done, meets with citizens. That is, President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly proved his loyalty to his vows. Each  year about 35-37% of the state budget is allocated to social projects. This is an obvious example of the steps taken to improve the welfare of citizens in Azerbaijan.

-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev chaired a meeting over a fire that occurred in a shopping center. Important decisions were made and relevant instructions were given at the meeting. What can you say about it?

-The meeting  chaired by the President Ilham Aliyev and instructions given there can be considered as  a manifestation of the social support and humanism by  the head of state. This is the mediation between entrepreneurs, the state's financial support and assistance to entrepreneurs until the investigation is completed. Later it will be returned by the guilty entrepreneur or entrepreneurs. Through this step the state and  Mr President have  demonstrated that they stand by the citizens. This approach, of course, is highly appreciated by citizens.

  -In his speech at the meeting the ehad of state noted that usually, when such incidents occur in developed countries, insurance companies take over the entire financial burden. All goods are insured. Unfortunately, there are gaps in the sphere of insurance in Azerbaijan, and we see this in many cases. He regretfully emphasized  the gaps in the insurance sector in Azerbaijan. What is the responsibility of the state and citizen in this issue?

-The recent  fire in the shopping center and gaps in the insurrance area arose some issues.  As you know, in his speech at the meeting, the head of state gave instructions on improvement of fire protection systems at the  shopping centers. From this point of view, there are steps need to be taken in this direction, and doubtlessly, proper work will be done in this regard. Moreover, the second part of the issue is about improvement of the insurance field. In fact, there is a law on compulsory insurance in Azerbaijan. The law covers details, relevant mechanisms, requirements and commitments. There are even packages offered by private insurance companies. Enterprenurs should be interested in insuring their goods.