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“Amnesty International” has no right to talk about transparency and democracy

“Amnesty International” has no right to talk about transparency and democracy
The organization which name involved in corruption cases has turned into a means of pressure on countries pursuing an independent policy.

Conventional anti-Azerbaijani circles in the West have launched next campaign against our country. The main reason for the campaign, which lasted for some days, is holding the UEFA Europa League final in Baku on 29 May. Two English football clubs  - Arsenal and Chelsea will face each other at the Olympic Stadium in Baku on this day.
Once  global sports community’s attention focused on Azerbaijan, a number of instituions not related to sports make biased, groundless and unrealistic judgments about the sport and try to formulate opinions that  holding such a significant sport event in Azerbaijan was not a good idea. Ridiculously,  some circles emphasize human rights in this issue. Amnesty International condemned holding  the European League final in Azerbaijan over human rights’ state. In fact, there are hundreds of such real facts in other countries. This organization has gained an image of the executor of varoius orders and its name has been involved in corruption cases. Therefore, an organization with such a dirty image does not have the moral right to accuse someone, or speak about justice, transparency and democracy.

MP Aydin Huseynov said that biased statements by Amnesty International on  Azerbaijan are another manifestation  of the existence of double standards in the world: "This organization is aimed at targeting Azerbaijan. "Amnesty International" has become a tool of pressure  against the countries, including independent countries, in the hands of foreign forces and power centers,” Huseynov said.
"As always, organizations like Amnesty International are mobilizing in Azerbaijan and trying to damage the image of our country. Of course, the reason for that  is the dynamic development of Azerbaijan and its  continuous rising image in the international arena. Some foreign circles are concerned about this development and they do their best  to put pressure on our country. Consequently, on the eve of the UEFA Europa League final match, they launched  next dirty campaign against Azerbaijan and make  groundless, biased statements.” Azerbaijani MP stressed.

According to him,  Azerbaijan, to date, has successfully hosted numerous international events and sports competitions: "Certainly, Azerbaijan will host the UEFA final match at the highest level and fans will witness grandiose final match at the Olympic Stadium in Baku,” he noted.

Azerbaijani MP Eldaniz Salimov also believes that biased position of Amnesty International on holding the UEFA Europa League final match in Baku is not surprising: "Thus, such organizations have repeatedly carried out anti-Azerbaijani campaigns which failed: "Today, there are countries that are jealous of Azerbaijan's development. There are also some organizations that are engaged in anti-Azerbaijani propaganda in Europe. They are trying to form a negative opinion on our country. The circles, are concerned with Azerbaijan’s achievements in international aren.  Azerbaijan, over the years,  has faced similar campaigns and has given the necessary response to the anti-national forces. I am convinced that the Europa League final match to be held in Baku on May 29 will take place at the highest level. Fans and tourists coming to our country, and created condition for them give us grounds to state it with certainty,” he added.
Rufik Ismayilov  



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