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A city where day and night are no different

A city where day and night are no different
Baku, which attracts tourists with its romance

There are some cities in the world that have only love, and was created to share this love with people. Of course, it is Paris that comes to mind when it comes to such cities. Every street in this city is like romance for lovers. Italy's Venice, Verona and Florence, Brazil's Rio de Janeiro, Mexican capital Mexico, Turkey’s Istanbul, Russia’s St. Petersburg, Singapore ... are among these cities. A romantic atmosphere makes tourists flock to these cities.


Being in the top five among the most romantic CIS cities, Baku can be an attractive spot for tourists. The result of online survey about romantic cities conducted by TurStat agency between tourists has been of great interest. According to the results of the survey, the list of romantic cities included Tbilisi, Astana, Minsk and Kishinev, including Baku. Tbilisi received 33 percent of votes, Astana, Baku and Minsk received 14 percent and Kishinev - 10 percent.


Ancient and contemporary city

"Baku can illuminate the world and color it," said the Nobel brothers, who were the owners of the largest domestic oil company in 1882. This statement still direct the attention of the world to our capital.


The spirit of contemporary Baku is really attractive. The city with ancient history is also dynamically developing today. There are museums exhibiting rare artifacts, theaters, concert halls, museums under the open sky, seaside National Park and cafes and restaurants with national and foreign cuisine in Baku.


Social and public life in Baku is very dynamic. Important conferences, festivals, exhibitions, sports competitions and other international events that are held here increase the importance of Baku in the region. The city's largest wealth is its residents. Their hospitality and sincerity creates unforgettable impressions for every guest.


Baku is also one of the cinematographic capitals. Fragments from a number of foreign films such as The Diamond Arm, The Amphibian Man and Teheran 43 have been shot in the streets of this city. For this reason, such phrases as "Russo turisto", "chigle-chigel", "ham duralya", "chert poberi" are in memories in the CIS countries forever. Cafe Chert Poberi located in one of the streets of Baku’s Old City reminds The Diamond Arm movie not only to local residents, but also to the guests of the city.


People can enjoy Baku's beautiful decor of romance and love. Blue Caspian, white seagulls, narrow streets of the Old City, the Shirvanshah’s Palace, Maiden Tower, Highland Park ... Those who wish to look at the waves of the blue sea, sipping tea or coffee, walk along the narrow streets of the ancient city or visit historical monuments and museums, can choose Baku without hesitation.


Aim to be one of the most preferred 20 touristic locations in the international tourism sector

Tourism experts also confirm this. Advisor to the Chairman of Azerbaijan Tourism Association (AzTA) Muzaffar Agakerimov, who said that there are romantic cities in Europe, Asia and Latin America, agreed with the results of the survey. "Baku can also be presented among romantic cities. Strong advertising and propaganda should be carried out in this regard,” he said.


According to Agakerimov, Baku has the right to receive and preserve the status of a romantic city. "Architectural constructions, modern and ancient architectural monuments connecting East and West, the Caspian Sea and other nuances are the basis for this. On the other hand, the richness of the national cuisine, the diversity of European cuisine and the activities of different museums make our city even more attractive. The Caspian Sea is enough to create romantic atmosphere. From this point of view, it is possible to use all the potential of Baku and the Absheron peninsula and turn our capital into one of the most beautiful cities of the world, and attract tourists. Of course, a lot of work has to be done for this goal,” he pointed out.


The advisor added that tourism agencies also have certain responsibilities, including working together and put forward new ideas and proposals. Under the Strategic Road Map for the development of specialized tourism industry, by post 2025, Azerbaijan aims to be one of the most preferred 20 touristic locations in the international tourism sector.


"Everyone should work together to achieve this goal. Azerbaijan has every opportunity to move forward in the list of tourist countries," said Agakerimov.


According to tourism expert Jeyhun Ashurov, this can be a good way to attract romantic tourists to the city. "Tourists are interested in the nuances that make the city romantic,” he said. According to the expert, the results of such surveys are shared on the eve of Valentine's Day on February 14, so that they can attract people.


Good reviews of tourists

Tourists left their reviews on the Russian web-site with captions Sweet Tale of the East, In Baku with "Ali and Nino", Azerbaijani Cuisine, Hospitable Baku and Oil-smelling city. Good opinions of people who return to their countries after visiting our city, of course, are pleasant. Seyed Mohammad Mirrezaie, head of Iran's Aysan Parviz travel agency, visited Baku and was very impressed. "Baku is a very stable city from a socio-political point of view, and it is very important for tourists. Today Azerbaijan is chosen by its stability among the countries of the region. On the other hand, Baku is as clean and beautiful as the European cities. The prices of hotels and catering facilities here are also great. I was in Baku in the early 1990s. The city has changed completely, has become more beautiful and modernized. The National Park on the sea shore has been reconstructed and rare trees brought from different parts of the world have been planted there. Day and night are no different in many parts of Baku. Moreover, residents of the city are very kind and hospitable. Historic monuments, magnificent buildings are the places where tourists want to see."

It is no exception that the fact that our capital is included in the list of romantic cities can give impetus to the development of tourism. You do not have to cross the borders of our country to look for romance. It is not too bad to spend the weekends and holidays in native Baku. The opinion of prominent Russian writer Maxim Gorky, who said that "Baku evenings remind Naples nights" is enough for our city to provide romantic atmosphere to tourists.

Tarana Maharramova



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