Azerbaijan’s Aghdam sometimes called

Azerbaijan’s Aghdam sometimes called "Hiroshima of Caucasus" - France-24

30 November 2020, 10:32 262
"France-24" TV channel has prepared a report on Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district liberated from the Armenian occupation, Trend reports.
"Aghdam town has been destroyed so much that it is sometimes called the "Hiroshima of the Caucasus",” the report said. "The town, the population of which at the end of the 1980s was 40,000 people, is today a "ghost town". Aghdam is an Azerbaijani fortress.”
"Today the only building which was left intact in Aghdam is the mosque,” the report said. "This town was of great strategic importance thirty years ago, during the first Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh war. The loss of the town in 1993 was a turning point in the war, forcing residents to flee. Today, internally displaced people return and see the destroyed buildings.”
"Before rebuilding and restoring of a town, safety must be ensured,” the report said. "As other liberated districts of Azerbaijan, Aghdam is full of mines. A remote-controlled sapper robot is used to neutralize them.”
Head of the ANAMA operational headquarters, Idris Ismayilov, said that about 4,500 antipersonnel mines and about 2,000 anti-tank mines, as well as about 750 different types of bombs, were found and neutralized.
"It is planned to return people there in 3-5 years, but it will be possible to completely clear the town of mines in 10-15 years," Ismayilov said.
Azerbaijan has estimated the damage in the liberated territories at more than $100 billion and intends to appeal to the court for getting the compensation from Armenia.